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Street Racing, Crashes, and Bystander Injuries

 Posted on March 03, 2023 in Uncategorized

We see street races in movies and on TV all the time. Drag racing looks practically glamorous in movies like The Fast and the Furious, and the actors usually walk away from their crashes. But in reality, street racing involves high rates of speed on public roads, often with pedestrians lining the road watching. And accidents happen. In fact, at a recent 2K race event, Houston-area police arrested more than 100 people over five days for street racing and reckless driving. During the event, police reported that cars were "doing what's called ‘fly-bys' where along the service road people would be lined up, and the vehicles would go by at a high rate of speed."

Accidents are inevitable with street racing, "fly-bys," and high rates of speed. But when a bystander is injured, street racers can face serious consequences. As a result, police in the Houston area are cracking down on possible street racing events. If you're caught up in a drag race arrest, particularly if a pedestrian was seriously injured, the consequences and felony charges can be serious. That's why you need an expert in criminal defense law, like attorney Doug Murphy, to protect your rights. Call the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. at 713-229-8333.

Serious Injury or Death from Street Racing

During a drag race, bystanders often line the road, watching and cheering. But with high rates of speed often come crashes. If a street race crash injures a pedestrian, no matter how small the injury, it can increase the grade of street racing charges to a third-degree felony. In Texas, a third-degree felony conviction is punishable by two to ten years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

The penalties are even more severe if street racing seriously injures or kills a pedestrian. The law states, "An offense under Subsection (a) is a felony of the second degree if it is shown on the trial of the offense that as a result of the offense, an individual suffered serious bodily injury or death." Tex. Pen. Code § 545.420 (2009). A conviction for a second-degree felony in Texas can result in two to twenty years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

You Need an Expert in Texas Criminal Defense

If you're facing charges for street racing, particularly if a bystander was injured or died, the consequences of a felony conviction can be serious. You need an expert in criminal defense law protecting your rights and ensuring that you are treated as innocent until proven guilty. Attorney Doug Murphy is an expert in Criminal Defense Law and DWI law, making him well-versed in handling complex felonies involving motor vehicles.

In fact, Doug is one of only two Texas attorneys Board Certified in both Texas Criminal Defense Law and DWI Defense.

U.S. News and World Report also recently named Doug a "Lawyer of the Year" through their Best Lawyers in America publication for Houston DWI Defense in 2023. Doug and the team at the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. have been defending Texans like you for years. Find out how they can help you. Call the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. at 713-229-8333 or contact them online to schedule your consultation.

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