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“Excellent job. My case was dismissed, due to very professional services of Doug Murphy Law Firm.”-A.B.


What Our Clients Say About Us

"suave, charismatic, well-prepared

Doug Murphy clearly lives up to the name of being a real “Super Lawyer” inside and out of the Courtroom! One year ago, I went searching the Internet looking for the absolute best lawyer to represent me. I was 25 years old facing my 2nd DWI after blowing the breath test and allegedly having a .185 BAC. I was also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. I was looking for the most experienced and well-versed trial lawyer. From start to finish, Doug treated me as family. I can honestly say I feel he gave me the same defense he would have if I were his own son. I took my case to a jury trial after one year of the no budging on punishment or lowering my charges. At first, I was extremely nervous because I had never been through a jury trial before. Once the trial began and Doug stood up and started speaking with the jury, my nerves went away due to Doug's command and calming presence in the Courtroom. The stress created from my legal situation started lifting from my shoulders almost immediately. The way Doug carries himself and performs in the Courtroom is astonishing. Given I was in such a horrible situation, I was having to hide my grins at some points because of how impressed I was with Doug's performance, his intelligence, and his skillful cross examination that had some juror's heads nodding in agreement. The jury loved him, he was so suave, charismatic, well-prepared and dominated the government throughout the whole trial. Doug Murphy persuaded and convinced the jury to quickly decide on a Not Guilty Verdict in the end. When I heard the verdict, I dropped in tears. Looking at Doug after the win, you could tell this was not just another notch in his belt for him. It was much more than that to him, the sincerity of saving my life was all over his face, Doug truly cares about his clients. You are not just another paycheck for Mr. Murphy, but you are truly getting the best trial lawyer money can buy. Before the verdict was read, I thought to myself, whether I win or lose, I am thankful for Doug's compassionate and incredibly skillful defense, no one could have defended my life better.

– G.H.


"I am writing to thank you for your outstanding performance. It may be easy to sing praises after winning a case, but I don't think I am being too biased when I say that you and I faced some unexpected hurdles--hurdles that were cleared with your skill and performance.

When I first walked into your office, I felt I had a very winnable case. In fact, after hiring your expensive talent, I expected to win. However, after facing a jury panel comprised of 48% non-drinkers, a jury of six that included four non-drinkers (one of which was a financial contributor to MADD), a states' rights judge, and testimony from the two most-senior officers from the DWI Task Force, I believe my winning case turned into a losing one. You resuscitated it.

Some of my friends criticized me for the amount of money I paid you, but its value became evident during the trial. Your performance was excellent. You had all the facts of my case memorized. There was no hesitation or stammering while you addressed the jury, and you did not have to refer to any notes when presenting directly to them. I was impressed with your ability to successfully rephrase questions following objections by the prosecution so as to not dilute your original objective. During your closing, you clearly and poignantly highlighted all the merits of our case, then ended with an emotional appeal that actually made my eyes well up with tears.

Given the unfortunate composition of our jury, I wouldn't have blamed you if we lost...but I credit you with the win."

– J.H.


"I recently had the privilege of working with Doug Murphy Law Firm in Houston, Texas for our legal needs, and I must say, their outstanding and expertise exceeding our expectations. From start to finish, they displayed the utmost professionalism, providing an exceptional experience throughout our entire legal journey.

First and foremost, the team at Doug Murphy office demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge in their respective areas of law. Their attorneys possessed a remarkable understanding of our case, ensuring that every aspect was thoroughly examined and addressed. Their attention to detail was outstanding, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice.

Communication was another standout aspect of my experiences with Doug Murphy Law Firm. The firm's staff promptly responded to my inquiries and kept me informed at every stage of the process. They were always available to address my concerns, ensuring that I felt supported and well-informed at all times. This level of responsiveness and transparency was truly commendable.

Moreover, the professionalism and dedication exhibited by Doug Murphy were unparalleled. The entire team treated us with respect, compassion, and empathy, making us feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. They exhibited a genuine commitment to our case, going above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcome.

Finally, Doug Murphy maintained a strong sense of integrity and ethics throughout the entire process. They prioritized transparency, ensuring that we fully understood the legal implications and potential outcomes.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Doug Murphy law firm to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation. Their knowledgeable team, clear communication, professionalism, and unwavering dedication make them a truly outstanding law firm. I am immensely grateful for their exceptional services and their positive impact on our legal matter."

– C.G.


"I had an old case from another state for DUI, 20 years ago to be exact, that had came back to haunt me where the State of Texas was not renewing my CDL which I need for my career due to the info from another state. After much research I decided on Doug Murphy's law firm and have been very happy with my results from him and his staff. While he got me cleared with the Texas DPS on the old information they had on me, he also gave me a contact info on a friend of his in the other state so I could get the old info from 20 something years ago took care of, thus saving my CDL and career. Hands down the best !!!"

– F.L.


"Doug Murphy represented me on a DUI case and "something else"...LOL. I couldn't have had a better outcome. BOTH my cases were DISMISS without going to trial. Yes....there are plenty of DUI lawyers out get what you pay for!!! I has a few other friends with DUI......they needed a Breathalyzer in their car....Classes needed to be taken...monthly fees on breathalyzer, license on limited driving, etc....ALL of which I didn't do or need......I give thanks to Doug's knowledge of the law for that!!! Not all lawyers are the same.....just like any field...not all mechanics are the same....not all restaurants are the same....Luckily I use the right lawyer for my DUI. I can not speak for other legal representation concerning other issues like real estate law...However, I can say Doug Murphy is a very good DUI attorney!! BTW.... Please DO NOT drink and drive!!!"

– M.T.


"Mr.Murphy and his staff are very attentive to your needs and will work diligently to resolve your case and provide excellent guidance to get you through the messy legal system. I have sent other people to Mr. Murphy and he handles each the same working until you get a favorable outcome you look for when choosing an attorney. If your future is in doubt Mr. Murphy and his staff are a phone call away. I suggest not hesitating to make that call."

– S.B.


"After doing something dumb with my husband, we found ourselves in need a good attorney, Doug was a little expensive but let me tell you very much worth it, he took the time to explain everything to us, he always answered our phone calls and emails. Doug is very professional and will put in the time and effort to do what ever he can to help you. I pray we never need him again but if I find myself in that situation again or any situation I will call him. If you ask me for a recommendation for a good attorney he will be it."

– O.S.


"When my son was charged with a tricky DUI, I was lucky to find and hire Doug. He smoothly handled our case as it processed through the system and at the end negotiated an excellent deal. I recommend Doug without reservation. Quality guy, quality work."

– C.H.


"I credit Doug Murphy Law Firm with saving my professional career when Doug represented me through the complete dismissal of my DWI. I was arrested on Interstate 45 south of Dallas and north of Houston after I was stopped by a DPS Trooper. This was the most awful thing I have ever experienced in my 40+ years. I needed the best lawyer not just to defend my criminal DWI charge, but I also needed a lawyer with experience representing nurses and doctors before the Texas Board of Nursing and Texas Medical Board. Thanks to Doug Murphy and his professional staff, this was not a career ending experience for me."

"My advice is do not wait. I was so embarrassed after my arrest and I waited too long before my first contact in hiring a lawyer that my delay caused an automatic suspension of my driver's license because I missed a deadline. If I had reached out to Doug Murphy sooner, he could have prevented the suspension of my driver's license. The sooner you call, the sooner Doug Murphy and his staff can get to work for you. Doug did not judge me and was completely understanding in what I had put myself through. Doug is not just a great lawyer, he is a caring person too. Thank you so much Doug!"

– K.S.


"I was referred to Mr. Murphy through a friend who had multiple DWIs. I met with other lawyers who were less expensive, but none of the other lawyers gave me the level of comfort that Mr. Murphy's experience and expertise provided me to trust with my future and career. I had a prior DUI in a different state more than 20 years ago, which should have been dropped from my record. The most recent DWI was in Montgomery County, I was essentially pulled over for a tail light out, but "failed" all the field sobriety checks. I had my 8 year old daughter in the car with me, so I was charged with a felony DWI. Mr. Murphy was able to get the charges dropped in five months. The process does not take over night and you must have patience and hire the best attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Murphy because not only is he a great and hard working attorney, but he also has a wonderful Staff/Team working with him that updated and helped me through this nightmare. Mr. Murphy and his Staff/Team truly cared about me and my family."

– A.M.


"Choosing Doug for my cases was the best decisions I ever made. He got both of them dismissed and always made me feel like he had everything under control. I would recommend Doug Murphy every time!"

– D.S.


"Doug Murphy was highly recommended to me as a "heavy hitter DWI & criminal defense specialist" by a top tier law firm. I was charged with two serious felonies - both completely unfounded. However, the seriousness of them dictated that I obtain the best legal representation available because I could not afford a conviction being in the oil & gas business. Doug handled my case professionally, kept me informed of the process at all times, and managed to keep my stress at a manageable level. Above all else, Doug is an honest, smart, caring man with the competence and experience to get you through the situation you're about to face. If you have been charged with a DWI or any other criminal offense I strongly recommend that you retain Doug Murphy as your attorney. As he has done for his other clients, Doug achieved excellent results for me. Both felony charges against me were dropped. At my last court appearance, as paperwork was being finalized, a person who worked in the courts came up to me and said "Doug did an excellent job for you. He's the best." I could not agree more. Thanks Doug!"

– J.E.


"Doug came highly recommended by a friend as a Super Lawyer with an excellent track record in DWI cases. Doug and his team addressed all of my anxiety and mapped a path for my case. He secured the best possible outcome, a dismissal for my case and in a position to have the case expunged from my record. Thanks Doug!"

– A.M.


"I found myself facing a DWI charge in Houston and reached out to Doug for his advice and guidance through the process. He was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous and guided me through the various options available to me. In the end, the charge was dismissed and I realized how fortunate I was in hiring Doug to represent me."

– R.A.


"I needed the best lawyer when I was arrested for reckless driving after being pulled over while riding my motorcycle at over 130 miles per hour on the interstate. I was referred to Doug Murphy by a friend who is an assistant district attorney. She told me that Doug Murphy is widely regarded at the best in the industry. So I hired Doug and when he entered the courtroom, I instantly knew I had made a wise decision. The judge brightened up and the prosecutors greeted him and treated him differently than the other lawyers. Doug defended me in such a professional way and ultimately was able to get my case dismissed and even got the case completely expunged from my record. Doug treated me like a friend and proved that he really is the best!"

– J.M.


"Doug Murphy was referred to me by a friend for a serious DWI offense of mine and it was the best decision I made. He is as professional as they come and is always a phone call away. His price might be steep but you can't put a price on freedom, during trial I was in shock the whole time, Doug is literally a shark in the courtroom and VERY impressive. Needless to say I had my case dismissed, NOT GUILTY, day one of trial before the jury even came in the room. AND got it expunged from my record which is a BIG DEAL. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!"

– B.E.


"Doug is my go-to lawyer in Houston for serious alcohol- and drug-related cases. I have referred multiple clients to him and have consistently gotten exceptional feedback. You'll be in great hands with Doug handling your case."

– B.S.

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