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Fort Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

Information You Need to Have if You've Been Arrested in Fort Bend County TX

Have you or a loved one been charged with a crime in Fort Bend County, Texas? Has someone you know been charged with a crime in Fort Bend County, Texas? In either case, there's a lot of information out there that you need to know. Some of those things include: finding a DWI attorney or criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend County, Texas, or contacting a court, police station, or jail. Much of this information is provided for you below.

How to Find a DWI or Criminal Defense Lawyer Right for You in Fort Bend County, Texas?

Finding a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Bend County, Texas, is easy. All you need to do is google it, and a list of attorneys will magically appear. That magic, however, turns to frustration when you realize all the criminal defense lawyers look the same and say the same things. How do you choose the best one for you? Selecting from a launch dry list is not the best method when your rights and your freedom are at stake. To better help you identify the right attorney, here are just a few questions you need answered about why you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney and DWI attorney in Fort Bend County, Texas:

Questions to Determine the Importance of Fighting the Charge

  1. Do you have a job? How will a conviction impact your job? For instance, does your job require that you have a clean criminal record? Are you required to have a professional license, such as a pilot license, medical license, or nursing license? Does your position require that you maintain a certain level of security clearance?
  2. Do you have a family? How will a conviction affect your relationship with your family? How will incarceration affect your family's financial situation? How does your family feel about the charge and whether you should fight it?
  3. Do you have a custody agreement with an ex-spouse? How will a conviction affect the custody agreement? A judge could modify a current custody agreement upon the request of an ex-spouse, or if you do not yet have an agreement, the judge could issue an agreement not in your favor due to the conviction or criminal record.
  4. Are you attending college or intend to apply for college, graduate school, or other academic institution to further your skills? If so, will you need federal financial aid or state aid? Financial aid can be denied to persons who have criminal records. Higher educational institutions can deny you admission or on-campus housing.
  5. Do you value your constitutional rights to vote or possess and use a firearm? In the State of Texas, if you are convicted of a felony, you will lose these rights. After you have completed your sentence successfully, these rights are difficult to reinstate.

The above are just some of the collateral consequences that could transpire if you are convicted of a crime in Fort Bend County, Texas. Other consequences include things like increased insurance premiums if you were convicted of a DWI, denied housing in safe communities that prohibit renters with a criminal background, or being overlooked as a new employee because your background check leads the employer to assume you may be a liability.

Qualities to Seek in a Competent DWI or Criminal Defense Lawyer

Once you confirm that fighting the charge is worth every penny you put toward an experienced DWI or criminal defense attorney, it's time to review ways to determine if the attorney you choose is the one who can best help you fight the charge.

Below are things to look for in a DWI or criminal defense attorney, things that will distinguish a committed attorney from all the other attorneys that Google generates on its search engine results page. Are you seeking the best criminal defense attorney or DWI attorney in Fort Bend County, Texas?

  • You want an attorney with proven knowledge and trial experience. One objective way to determine the same is to find a Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization certifies attorneys in the state of Texas in 24 different practice areas, one of which is criminal defense. Board Certified attorneys are considered within the legal community as those lawyers "with the highest, public commitment to excellence in their area of law." Only 7,450 out of more than 100,000 attorneys in the State of Texas are Board Certified in one of these 24 practice areas; that's only 7.4 percent of all attorneys in Texas.
  • If your charge is a DWI or DWI-related charge, then you want an attorney who is also Board Certified in DWI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), the only DUI certifying organization approved by the American Bar Association, and accredited by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The NCDD has a rigorous certification program that specifically "focuses on scientific issues" like "the NHTSA guidelines on field sobriety tests and drug recognition tests." In addition to significant legal updates and trial techniques. Specific knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the latter are key to any DWI case.
  • You want an experienced and respected criminal defense lawyer in Fort Bend County who is committed to taking your case to trial rather than settling for a plea deal with the prosecution.
  • You want a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Bend County who has accolades that further confirm the attorney's capabilities.
  • You want a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Bend County who has client testimonials that attest to the attorney's capabilities firsthand.
  • You want a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Bend County who is respected and well-regarded within the legal community and is so committed to his practice and helping clients that he teaches other attorneys in Texas and beyond how to improve their criminal defense practices, too. Someone who is endorsed not just by fellow lawyers but receives referrals from prosecutors, judges, and police officers.

Doug Murphy, a veteran trial attorney, possesses all these qualities and more. He is one of only two lawyers in Texas who are Board Certified in both Criminal Defense and DWI Defense. He has the accolades and the client reviews. He is also committed to speaking engagements throughout the year to help other criminal defense lawyers provide safe, quality, and aggressive defenses similar to what Doug Murphy provides for his clients.

Doug Murphy is not an attorney who will take the first plea deal offered. Doug Murphy knows that plea deals are rarely in your best interests. Doug Murphy has successfully defended criminal and DWI cases to trial, with a strategic defense that fits your case and holds the prosecution accountable to the presumption of innocence standard. While the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt you are guilty, Doug Murphy is well versed in shining the light on reasonable doubt so that the State cannot meet its burden.

Criminal Cases Represented by Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. in Fort Bend County, TX

Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. represents DWI cases as half of their entire practice; the other half of the practice is devoted to criminal offenses. Doug Murphy handled all types of criminal cases. These are just some of the types of cases he handles:

DWI Offenses

Criminal Offenses

Fort Bend County Court System

If you have been charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony offense that -- if convicted -- carries with it potential incarceration, your case will be heard in either one of the Fort Bend County Courts at Law for misdemeanors or one of Fort Bend County District Courts for some misdemeanor but primarily felonies. You can find your case record via an online case search.

County Courts at Law

There are five County Courts at Law in Fort Bend County, with the addition of two Associate County Courts at Law. These courts are commissioned to hear both criminal and civil cases. All County Courts of Law are located in the same building:

Fort Bend County Justice Center

1422 Eugene Heimann Circle
Richmond, TX 77469



Court Rm.

Phone No.

County Court at Law 1

Honorable Judge Christopher G. Morales
former attorney at Fort Bend County District
Attorney's Office



County Court at Law 2

Honorable Tyra McCollum



County Court at Law 3

Honorable Juli Mathew



County Court at Law 4

Honorable Toni Wallace



County Court at Law 5

Honorable Teana Watson



County Court at Law 6

Honorable Dean Hrbacek



Associate County Court

Honorable Lewis White, Associate Judge


District Courts

Criminal District Courts in Fort Bend County, Texas, have jurisdiction of all felony matters. There are 8 District Courts, and all are located in the same building:

Fort Bend County Justice Center

1422 Eugene Heimann Circle
Richmond TX 77469



Court Rm.

Phone No.

240th Judicial District Court

Judge Surendran Pattel



268th Judicial District Court

Judge Steve Rogers



328th Judicial District Court

Judge Monica Rawlings



387th Judicial District Court

Judge Janet B. Sheppard



400th Judicial District Court

Judge Tameika Carter



434th Judicial District Court

Judge Christian Becerra



458th Judicial District Court

Judge Chad Bridges



505th Judicial District Court

Judge Kali Morgan



C.A.R.D. Program

The CARD Program (Closing Addiction's Revolving Door) is also known as Fort Bend County's Drug Court. This program is not ideal for most people who want to fight their charges, but for some who have a real addiction, it could help.

When you are arrested for an alcohol or drug-related crime and while you are held in the Fort Bend County Jail, a pre-trial interview is conducted. These interviews serve as screenings to determine if you are a possible candidate for the CARD program.

You are eligible if:

  • You acknowledge your addiction
  • You are willing to recover
  • You are willing to actively participate within the CARD guidelines
  • You are charged with a Felony Offense, where the underlying circumstances of the offense involve substance abuse

You are ineligible if:

  • You are a violent offender
  • You have substantial mental health or transportation problems that would prevent full and successful participation

To successfully complete the program, you must pass through three specific phases, which include:

  1. Phase 1: at least 22 weeks of therapy (substance, family, 12-step, etc.) four days a week, weekly court appearances, random urinalysis, and weekly office visits.
  2. Phase 2: at least 8 weeks of the same but less often (e.g., court appearances are only bi-weekly).
  3. Phase 3: at least 12 weeks of the same in addition to peer support meetings, weekly aftercare group meetings, and monthly field visits from the supervising officer.

For more information, you can contact Jim Syptak, C.A.R.D. Coordinator, at 281-633-7243. But again, the Drug Court is not for everyone. It is only for those who have a serious addiction problem and for those who have the time to put in the effort. Additionally, Drug Court is expensive, and if you do not successfully complete it, your participation can be revoked in prison, where you could face more extended incarceration than you would have if you had gone to trial. That says enough right there. Though with good intentions, Drug Court can be more about control rather than rehabilitation.

Appellate Courts

If your criminal case is appealed, it will be appealed to either the First or the Fourteenth Court of Appeals, both of which are based in Houston. These courts share concurrent jurisdiction over the same 10 counties. Your case, if appealed, will be assigned to either one of these appellate courts via random selection. Both courts are located at the same building, 301 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas 77002.

First Court of Appeals
(713) 274-2700

Fourteenth Court of Appeals
(713) 274-2800

Fort Bend County Jail System

There are a number of jails and prisons throughout Fort Bend County. Listed below are some of the larger facilities.

Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office
1410 Williams Way Boulevard
Richmond, Texas 77469
(281) 341-4704
Map & Directions

Jester 1 Unit
1 North Jester Road
Richmond, Texas 77046
Map & Directions

Carol S. Vance Unit
2 Jester Road
Richmond, Texas 77406
(281) 277-3030
Map & Directions

Beauford H. Jester III Unit
3 Jester Road
Richmond, Texas 77406
(281) 277-7000
Map & Directions

Central Unit
One Circle Drive
Sugar Land, Texas 77498
(281) 491-2146
Map & Directions

Jester IV Unit
4 Jester Road
Richmond, Texas 77406
(281) 277-3700
Map & Directions

Fort Bend County Law Enforcement Agencies

If you are arrested in Fort Bend County, Texas, where you end up before arraignment, it depends on the law enforcement agency that arrested you and charged you with a criminal offense. The law enforcement agents you are most likely to come into contact with are Troopers with Highway Patrol, a sheriff, or a local police officer.

Highway Patrol

The Highway Patrol is a division of the Department of Public Safety. It is commissioned to manage general police traffic and criminal law enforcement on rural highways throughout Texas. The Division is divided by region. The region that oversees Fort Bend County is the Houston Region.

The Houston Region office is located at:

12230 West Road
Houston, TX 77065
(281) 517-1220

Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office of Fort Bend County is located at 1410 Williams Way Boulevard, Richmond, TX 77469. You can contact the office at 281-341-4665. Map & Directions

Local Police Stations

Most cities have their own police stations, while some have more than one. Below is a list of some of the bigger police stations throughout Fort Bend County, Texas.

Arcola City Police Department
13222 Highway 6
Rosharon, Texas 77583
(281) 431-5205
Map & Directions

Fulshear Police Department
29370 McKinnon Road, Suite D
Fulshear, Texas 77441
(281) 364-2202
Map & Directions

Katy Police Department
5456 Franz Road
Katy, Texas
(281) 391-4848
Map & Directions

Meadows Place Police Department
1 Troyan Drive
Meadows Place Texas 77477
(281) 983-2900
Map & Directions

Missouri City Police Department
3849 Cartwright Road
Missouri City, Texas 77459
(281) 403-8700
Map & Directions

Needville Police Department
3321 Richmond Street
Needville, Texas 77461
(979) 793-4255
Map & Directions

Pearland Police Department
2555 Cullen Boulevard
Pearland, Texas 77581
(281) 997-4100
Map & Directions

Richmond Police Department
600 Preston Street
Richmond, Texas 77469
(281) 342-2849
Map & Directions

Rosenberg Police Department
2120 4th Street
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
(832) 595-3700
Map & Directions

Stafford Police Department
2602 South Main Street
Stafford, Texas 77477
(281) 261-3950
Map & Directions

Sugar Land Police Department
1200 Highway 6
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 275-2500
Map & Directions

Jurisdiction Represented by Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C.

At 889,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Fort Bend County's population is sparse compared to its neighbor, Harris County. It is an ethnically and racially diverse county with a high percentage of residents having a Bachelor's degree or higher (48.1%) and nearly 98% having a high school diploma or an equivalent. These rates are well above the State's and nation's rates. Apart from having a well-educated population, residents enjoy a better economy than most other places throughout Texas and the United States. The median household income is $102,590, while the same is only $67,321 for Texas generally and $69,021 for the national overall. Poverty rates are also well below the State's and the country's averages: 7.2% (Fort Bend County), 14.0% (Texas), and 11.5% (U.S).

Cities, Towns, & Villages of Fort Bend County, Texas

Doug Murphy represents clients throughout Fort Bend County, Texas, including the following specific cities and towns.

  1. Arcola
  2. Beasley
  3. Fairchilds
  4. Fulshear
  5. Houston (partial)
  6. Katy
  7. Kendleton
  8. Meadows Place
  9. Missouri City (partial)
  10. Needville
  11. Orchard
  12. Pearland (partial)
  13. Pleak
  14. Richmond
  15. Rosenberg
  16. Simonton
  17. Stafford
  18. Sugar Land
  19. Thompsons
  20. Weston Lakes.

Experienced DWI Defense & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Bend County, Texas

If you have been charged with a DWI or another crime and want to fight the charge because you care about your future, retain a Board Certified DWI and criminal defense attorney committed to the same. At Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C., you get commitment and results. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today at 713-229-8333.

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