Case Results

.17 Breath Test - Jury Trial - Not Guilty

DWI first offense.  Client was alleged to have been speeding 98 mph in 65 mph zone on Katy Freeway.  Houston Police Department DWI Task Force officer made the stop.  Client voluntarily complied with all field sobriety exercises, answered all police questions, and provided a breath sample.  It was my client's first offense for DWI.  After a 3 day trial in Harris County Criminal Court at Law #11, jury was out only 14 minutes before returning a verdict of not guilty.

Interference With Duties of a Public Servant - Case Dismissed

Dad showed up at scene while his son had just been arrested for possession of marijuana in Harris County by the Harris County Sheriff's Department.  Dad told police officers they did not have the right to search his truck.  Dad used vulgar and racial sobriquets in raised tone of voice with deputies.  Dad's vulgar and racially insensitive remarks were not well received.  Police responded with a taser in his back, and an arrest for interference with duties of a public servant.  We were able to demonstrate that while Dad's statements may have been ignorant and inappropriate, Dad's language was protected free speech and did not constitute inference.  Case dismissed.

Possession of Marijuana - Case Dismissed

This is son of Dad above.  Charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana after being stopped for running a stop sign.  Client admitted to having marijuana in his shirt pocket, and handed it to the police officer.  Case dismissed.

Intoxication Assault - Motion to Suppress Granted - Case Dismissed

Incredibly unfortunate and tragic accident where my client was driving and hit a motorcyclist causing severe bodily injury.  She was charged with intoxication assault due to her prescription medications she was taking for many debilitating ailments.  Judge granted our motion to suppress the urine test, and her statements.  Case was later dismissed.

.24 Blood Test - Motion to Suppress Granted - Case Dismissed

Client was stopped for allegedly impeding traffic by Houston Police Department DWI Task Force.  Officer gave testified at ALR hearing to one version, the officer testified to another version at the hearing, and the officer had a 3rd version in his offense report.  The judge did not find the officer credible, and also found that the stop was illegal and not supported with probable cause.  Motion to suppress granted.  Case dismissed.

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