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Doug Murphy has personally defended over 4000 criminal charges throughout his career ranging from DWI, intoxication assault, intoxication manslaughter and federal white collar corporate investigations.  Many of those cases never resulted in a case being filed, or resulted in not guilty verdicts, dismissals, or reductions of charges.  Texas attorneys are ethically prohibited from making any guarantee, but below are just a few examples of Doug Murphy's extraordinary results in the courtroom and/or working behind the scenes to benefit his clients:

  • Felony Criminal Negligent Homicide - no billed by grand jury and dismissed

    Client was involved in tragic accident where other person involved did not survive.  The team at Doug Murphy Law Firm did a through investigation and demonstrated this was a tragic and unavoidable accident, but it was not a crime.  The grand jury agreed and declined to pursue felony criminal char... Read On

  • Felony Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor - No billed by grand jury and dismissed

    Out of state businessman arrested for false allegations of sexually molesting his daughter.  A thorough investigation of the allegations demonstrated that the allegations were not credible as they were made up solely for financial gain.  Presentation of evidence to a grand jury demonstrated the a... Read On

  • Felony Assault Continuous Violence - Dismissed

    Doug represented a Houston business man falsely accused of continuous violence of his ex-wife.  After intuitive investigation and presentation of evidence to a grand jury, the grand jury returned a no bill against his client declining further prosecution.  The case was dismissed. Read On

  • Felony Violation of a Protective Order - No billed by grand jury & dismissed

    Doug represented a Houston business man falsely violating a protective order against his ex-wife.  After investigating these claims and presentation of video and solid photographs to a grand jury, the grand jury recognized that these allegations were false and returned a no bill against his clien... Read On

  • Felony Assault Family Member Impeding Breathing - Dismissed

    Doug represented a Houston business man falsely accused of choking his wife.  After intuitive investigation and presentation of evidence to a grand jury, the grand jury returned a no bill against his client declining further prosecution.  The case was dismissed. Read On

  • 8th DWI Arrest - Felony DWI Dismissed

    Client was arrested North of Houston in a county known for notorious punishment in DWI cases.  It was his 8th DWI arrest in his life.  Client had unfortunately been to prison before for his previous felony DWI.  Doug Murphy required treatment for the client to get his personal life back on track.... Read On

  • .17 Breath Test - Jury Trial - Not Guilty

    DWI first offense.  Client was alleged to have been speeding 98 mph in 65 mph zone on Katy Freeway.  Houston Police Department DWI Task Force officer made the stop.  Client voluntarily complied with all field sobriety exercises, answered all police questions, and provided a breath sample.  It was... Read On

  • Felony Assault of a Family Member -- Impeding Breathing

    Client was charged and indicted for felony assault of a family member because of an allegation of impeding breathing.  We investigated the case and presented facts to the District Attorney's office.  We were ultimately able to get the felony case dismissed.  Client is a distinguished military vet... Read On

  • Criminally Negligent Homicide - Jury Trial - Not Guilty

    In a tragic and extremely unfortunate accident where a lady lost her life, Client was quickly found not guilty of felony criminally negligent homicide after a 3 day trial in Victoria County, Texas.   Read On

  • Felony Intoxication Assault – Montgomery County - Dismissed

    Client crashed into a school bus full of students. Unfortunately there were several injuries. Client was also hospitalized because of the severity of the crash. Officers observed signs of intoxication on Client and determined that he was intoxicated after their investigation. We were able to demonstrate that Client was not intoxicated and case was ultimately dismissed without any probation or classes. Read On

  • Felony DWI 3rd– Brazoria County - Dismissed

    Client was coming back from an afternoon at the golf course when he was stopped.  Client denied consuming any alcohol but Client smelled like alcohol and there were open containers inside his vehicle.  Client failed the field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit.   Client was charged as a... Read On

  • Failure to Stop and Give Information – Harris County - Dismissed

    Client was pulling out of his neighborhood and struck another vehicle, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.  The other vehicle followed client to his house and police arrived.  Client admitted to hitting the other vehicle and causing damage.  Case dismissed. Read On

  • Felony Evading with a Motor Vehicle – Case Dismissed

    Client had just purchased new sports car that was outfitted by Hennessey Motor Sports.  Harris County Sheriffs Department deputy activated lights to stop client for speeding.  Client tried to outrun the officers in his brand new sports car when he lost control of the vehicle and ended up crashi... Read On

  • DWI-2nd - .21 blood test - Motion to Suppress Granted - Case Dismissed

    DWI-2nd with a commercial drivers license.  Judge granted our motion to suppress.  State appealed.  We won the appeal.  Case was later dismissed and expunged. Read On

  • DWI-2nd - 0.199 Breath Test - Harris County - Dismissed

    Officer observed client speeding 20 miles per hour over the limit coming from the Houston Rodeo.  The officer approached client's car and saw that client appeared intoxicated.  There was vomit inside client's vehicle.  Client failed the field sobriety tests.  After the tests, client urinated next... Read On

  • DWI – Harris County - Dismissed

    Client was stopped for alleged speeding and for driving in every lane but hers.  Officers observed Client to exhibit the classic signs of intoxication.  Client showed nearly all the clues on the sobriety tests.  Case dismissed. Read On

  • Failure to Stop and Give Information – Harris County - No Charges Filed

    Client crashed his car into multiple vehicles parked on a street near a bar.  Client was later identified as the driver of the vehicle.  We investigated case and worked with police officers.  No charges filed. Read On

  • DWI-2nd - Harris County - Dismissed

    Client stopped for speeding nearly 20 miles over the speed limit.  The police officer observed Client to show signs of intoxication.  Client admitted to six beers before driving but refused to cooperate with field sobriety tests.  Police obtained a warrant for Client's blood.  High blood test of ... Read On

  • Felony Assault of a Security Officer – Harris County - Dismissed

    Accountant Client was asked to leave a club after consuming too much alcohol.  After being escorted out, client attempted to return to the club and was stopped by security. Client was on video hitting the security officer in the throat and the pushing the security guard, causing pain. Case was di... Read On

  • DWI-1st - Harris County - Dismissed

    Client was stopped by private security guard.  Client is a police officer.  Client was arrested for DWI.  Was able to get DWI dismissed after investigating stop showed illegal citizen's arrest and also that Client was not intoxicated.  Case dismissed and Client is back to work for his police depa... Read On

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