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There are many things to do in Deer Park, a mid-sized city in Harris County, Texas. Residents and visitors can enjoy beautiful parks, great shopping, and evenings out at some really great restaurants and bars. But the latter is where some Deer Park residents and visitors get into a little trouble: having an alcoholic beverage with friends or family and then driving home only to be pulled over for a traffic violation. This traffic stop can turn into a DWI investigation rather quickly. Deer Park police will pounce on any opportunity regardless of how poorly or aggressively the DWI investigation is conducted. Deer Park police officers are known for aggressively pursuing DWI cases. Doug Murphy has made a name for himself in successfully beating Deer Park police officers in trial on DWI and other cases.

Well-known and respected DWI defense attorney Doug Murphy understands how quickly a nice evening can turn bad real quick. He also understands how very important it is for the person arrested on a DWI charge (or any other criminal charge, for that matter) to avoid a criminal conviction, especially when his or her reputation is at stake within the family or the community.

A DWI conviction can be very stigmatizing and is always accompanied by collateral consequences regardless of whether or not you spend any time in jail or have to pay a steep fine and lose your driving privileges. Here's what you should know about a DWI or criminal conviction in Deer Park, Texas.

Overview of DWIs and Crime in Deer Park, Texas

The bulk of crime committed in Deer Park is property crime, especially theft from vehicles. Other criminal activity is comparatively low, including assault. In fact, only one in 675 persons may become a victim of a violent crime in Deer Park specifically while one in 220 persons may become a victim of violent crime in Texas generally.

If you are arrested in Deer Park for a DWI (or criminal offense), you will likely be taken to the Deer Park Police Department for chemical testing (breath or blood) and booking. The Deer Park Police Department is located at:

2911 Center Street
Deer Park, TX 77536
Phone: 281-478-2000

For most residents of this better-than-average city with safe neighborhoods, like:

you are most likely to encounter a police officer after having an alcoholic drink at one of Deer Park's popular restaurants and bars. What happens is a scenario like this:

You go out with coworkers, friends, or family and have a drink. You feel fine and drive home but fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and fail to turn on the turn signal. A cop happens to be sitting in his car across the street and as soon as you turn, he or she puts on the sirens.

You think honesty is the best policy when dealing with the cops, so you admit to an alcoholic drink but state you are not intoxicated -- the latter doesn't matter because all the cop hears is your admission of an alcoholic drink. No matter what you do from this point on, the cop will interpret any slip or sign as indicative of illegal intoxication. Before you know it, you are searched and placed under a DWI arrest.

These situations happen all the time. People get scared and just want it over, so at the arraignment the next morning, they think pleading guilty will help aid in a speedy recovery. All it does, however, is deny your right to defend yourself and result in a criminal record. The judge will give you whatever the law requires in terms of punishment: for first-time DWI offenders, that's typically a minimum of 72 hours but up to 180 days of confinement, up to $2,000 in fines, and license suspension for a Class B misdemeanor.

You can, however, beat a Texas DWI in Deer Park. You just need to find the best DWI lawyer for you.

Why Fight a DWI or Other Criminal Charges in Deer Park, Texas?

A conviction means a criminal record – that's obvious. But what people don't always think about initially are the consequences of that criminal record. They don't think about it until it comes back to haunt them. Examples of scenarios where a criminal record could cause problems in your life include:

In terms of employment, these collateral consequences can negatively impact your quality of life. Many of the best-paying industries in Deer Park require things like a professional license – but even without this requirement, competitive jobs are hard to get when you have a criminal record.

The market share of the best paying industries in Deer Park include:

  • Office & administrative support (10.7% of the workforce)
  • Education, training, and library occupations (7.41% of the workforce)
  • Sales & related occupations (9.63% of the workforce)
  • Management (9.46% of the workforce)
  • Production occupations (7.96% of the workforce).

If you want to keep or obtain a good job and maintain your status in the community, you need to fight the DWI charge.

Formidable, Strategic DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney in Deer Park

Doug Murphy is committed to DWI and criminal defense. He sees you, a person, a community member, a fellow citizen, as opposed to seeing the charges laid against you. As part of his commitment, he maintains Board-Certification in DWI defense through the National College for DUI Defense; and Board-Certification in criminal law through the Texas Board Legal Specialization.

Doug Murphy gets results his clients expect because he cares enough to put in a strong fight on your behalf rather than settle for a plea deal usually not in your favor (though another attorney may say it is). Contact Doug Murphy today at 713-229-8333 to schedule an initial consultation if you want to know more about his approach to DWI and criminal defense and how he may be able to help you.

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