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Increase in Prostitution & Solicitation of Prostitution Arrests

Arrests for prostitution and solicitation of prostitution have significantly increased in Harris County and throughout Texas due to the "National Johns Suppression Initiative". This nationwide law enforcement initiative is focused on targeting human traffickers, as well as sex sellers and sex buyers. Previously, law enforcement focused their efforts on arresting so-called sex sellers or "prostitutes", but law enforcement is now just as focused on arresting those accused of solicitation of prostitution.

What Is the Law on Prostitution & Solicitation of Prostitution?

The law does not require that two people actually have sex, or engage in some form of sexual activity. The law only requires that two people make an agreement to engage in sexual activity for money, or something of value.

Prostitution Sting Operations

Law enforcement agents advertise on Craigslist, troll on internet sites, stand on street corners, or disguise themselves as strippers in strip clubs offering to perform sexual acts for money. These well-oiled law enforcement sting operations are aimed at catching people believed to be engaging in human trafficking. These sting operations cast an extremely wide net that oftentimes cause the arrest of unwitting, unwilling, and innocent persons who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many people in this situation never have the intent to solicit a sexual agreement but are enticed, or legally entrapped, into an embarrassing scenario.

Consequences of a Prostitution or Solicitation of Prostitution Conviction

The repercussions of a prostitution or a solicitation of prostitution conviction are not just downright embarrassing, but they can be devastating to a career and a marriage.

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