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Houston Heights Criminal Defense Lawyer

Seasoned DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Houston Heights

Houston Heights is a historic town located about four miles northwest of downtown Houston. It is one of the earliest planned communities in Texas and is marked by Interstate 10 to the south and Interstate 610 to the north. It is also home to some of the best beer gardens (like Heights Bier Garten) in the greater Houston metro area. And therein lies a small problem: the police.

Police in Houston Heights regularly wait outside these establishments (as well as many others in the area) with the intention to arrest someone for a DWI. If you have been charged, the first thing you should know is this: you can fight and win your Texas DWI case. The second thing you should know is this: it is imperative to contact Doug Murphy, one of only two attorneys in Texas Board Certified in DWI Defense and Board Certified in criminal law.

Reputable DWI and criminal defense attorney Doug Murphy has a record that attests to his deep commitment to DWI and criminal allegations. He understands that each of us deserves a second chance. But he also understands that many people are wrongfully charged or had their rights violated during the DWI or criminal investigation. He believes strongly in upholding your rights under the law and will do so in a way that is in your best interests and produces the best outcome in your case.

Contact Doug Murphy at 713-229-8333 to get answers to your questions and to begin building your defense.

Your Houston Heights Community, DWIs & Other Criminal Activity

Houston Heights is a strong, historical community. It is family-oriented with many accessible residential communities, parks, and trails. It also hosts top-ranked elementary schools and is an easy commute to downtown, including an easy commute to Houston's Inner Loop, Medical Center, Galleria, and major highways.

Though Houston Heights is a strong, successful community in the Houston metro area, its residents can sometimes face the law in unexpected ways. Driving while intoxicated is a serious allegation, and many Houston Heights residents are arrested either returning from Downtown Houston or after enjoying a drink at one of the Heights popular establishments.

Though a DWI is a resident's primary concern with respect to the law, other crimes are committed in the Heights, and these include:

If you are arrested for a criminal offense, you will be taken to a central processing center to be booked. The center is located at:

Harris County Jail Inmate Processing Center
700 N. San Jacinto Street
Houston, TX 77002

You will end up at this processing center regardless of where you were arrested in the Houston metro area. For some of you, especially if it is your first alleged offense, you will be released your own recognizance. For others of you, you will remain until arraignment and after a bail bond has been determined and/or posted.

Getting booked into jail is always scary, regardless of whether it is your first offense or a subsequent offense. The thing to remember is this: you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. At your arraignment, plead not guilty â€" if you don't, you cannot fight the charges against you. Then, retain attorney Doug Murphy to help you beat your Texas DWI or fight allegations of other criminal activity.

Punishment & Collateral Consequences for DWI or Criminal Convictions in Houston Heights, Texas

A conviction of a DWI or another crime can mean a sentence that includes:

Once you serve your sentence, you are free to carry on as usual. But nothing is "usual" after a conviction, especially if it was your first offense. You still have collateral consequences of a criminal record to face, and you could be facing these consequences for the rest of your life.

Collateral consequences include things like:

These collateral consequences, in addition to the sentence, are why so many people accept an offer of deferred adjudication, which is now available to first-time DWI offenders. They think they will perform the terms and conditions of the program and, in return, avoid a conviction and maintain their status in the community and among family members.

Though that is the way you want it to work, it often doesn't happen. Deferred adjudication is set up for most people to fail. It interferes drastically with people's lives, and one mistake can lead to harsher penalties than if you were convicted of the crime in the first place.

If you want to maintain your good name and your good job, you need to fight the DWI charge or whatever charge is laid against you.

Seasoned DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston Heights

If you have been arrested for a DWI or another criminal offense in Houston Heights, TX, contact Doug Murphy at 713-229-8333. He has been passionately representing clients in the area for two decades. You deserve the best Texas DWI defense or criminal defense, and Doug Murphy is ready to build it for you.

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