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Experienced DWI Attorney in Spring, TX

Spring, Texas is located about 20 miles north of downtown Houston and south of the Woodlands at the intersection of Spring-Cypress and Hardy Roads. Numerous driving while intoxicated (DWI) incidents occur on these roads. An arrest for a DWI or – for that matter – any other criminal activity in Spring, Texas, can lead to incarceration and fines, among other penalties and collateral consequences.

Doug Murphy understands how a criminal conviction can impact a person's life in Harris County. That is why he has dedicated and focuses his practice to DWI and criminal defense and is:

Doug Murphy develops a defense strategy that places you in the best position to have the charges against you dismissed or you acquitted at trial. He firmly believes in the constitution that you are presumed innocent unless the state provides proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and he makes sure the prosecutor, judge, and jury uphold that same legal principle. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. for an initial consultation to learn more about Doug Murphy's approach to DWI and criminal defense.

Overview of DWI & Other Crimes in Spring, Texas

Crime in Spring, Texas, involves mostly violent crimes, property crimes, and crimes related to drugs and alcohol, like DWIs. Crime is heavy in Spring -- above both the State's and the nation's average at:

  • 3,396 (estimate) victims of crime per 100,000 people in Spring;
  • 2,692 per 100,000 in Texas; and
  • 2,346 per 100,000 in the United States.

If you get arrested, you may end up at one of the two following police stations, and then ultimately to either the Harris County Jail or the Montgomery County Jail:

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office
6831 Cypresswood Drive
Spring, TX 77379
Phone: 832-927-6205

The Woodlands Police Department
9200 Grogans Mill Rd
Spring, TX 77380
Phone: 281-367-3435

Consequences of a DWI or Another Criminal Charge in Spring, Texas

When you are accused of a crime, some people feel it is best just to plead guilty and get the ordeal over. But if you have a career or hope or have one or have a family or hope to have one, pleading guilty is not an option. For most of you, settling for a plea deal is also not an option because that still leaves you with a criminal record. It's the criminal record that can lead to problems later in your life.

For example, a criminal record can lead to the following collateral consequences:

  • Difficulty obtaining loans -- personal, education, auto, or mortgage loans
  • Denial of your right to vote (if the crime committed is a felony)
  • Denial of your right to use and own a gun (if the crime committed is a felony)
  • Problems with travel (e.g., Canada may refuse entry to someone with a criminal record, including something like a DWI)
  • Difficulty maintaining or obtaining child custody (e.g., if the crime involved drugs or alcohol, the court may say it poses a threat to the child)
  • Problems generally finding a job (i.e., regardless of the crime, if you have a criminal record, employers will move on to the next job candidate for various trust and liability reasons)
  • Problems specifically getting a job in the financial sector
  • Challenges to security clearance (e.g., if your job requires security clearance regardless of the level of clearance, something like a DWI can threaten the renewal or issuance of that clearance)
  • Challenges to a professional license (e.g., many jobs require a license to work, but a criminal record can interfere with obtaining or reissuing of the license).

With regard to jobs, in Spring, Texas, you likely have a pretty good one:

  • 15% of you have an office or administrative support position
  • 11.7% of you have a sales or related occupation
  • 9.13% of you work in management;
  • 4.89% of you work in education, training or library fields;
  • 4.05% of you work in the business and financial operations industry; and -- among other careers --
  • 5.09% of you work in construction or extraction.

Many of these positions require security clearance or a professional license, like a:

If you want to keep your security clearance, your professional license, or your job, you need to fight the charge.

Experienced DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Spring, Texas

Doug Murphy gets the results his clients expect. He is committed and passionate. He goes above and beyond to make sure your innocence is proven or your mistake doesn't lead to a life of issues and problems because of a criminal record.

Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today at 713-229-8333 to learn more about how he can help you fight your DWI charge or any other charge that may pose a risk to your livelihood, your family, and your status in the community.

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