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Experienced DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Braeswood Place, TX

Braeswood Place is a series of subdivisions that straddles the line between Houston and Southside Place. The neighborhood has developed a reputation for its nostalgic feel and thriving locally-owned shops. The area has changed rapidly in some ways, however, as Tropical Storm Allison destroyed a significant portion of the homes in the area in 2001.

Braeswood Place is a place to call home, but it is also – like any other neighborhood – a place where some crime happens. If you have been arrested in Braeswood Place, you deserve legal counsel that you can rely on to defend your rights.

The types of arrests that occur in Braeswood place vary. While violent crime is rare, there are other charges that can occur more frequently. For example, arrests for driving while intoxicated (DWI) are one of the most common grounds for an arrest in Braeswood Place. No matter the charge, your best chance for a favorable outcome in your case is with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Attorney Doug Murphy is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Houston and the surrounding areas. He is certified in both DWI defense law as well as criminal defense law. Obtaining both certifications is rare; only two attorneys in the State of Texas hold both certifications. These certifications require significant experience and skill to obtain, making them an excellent indicator of a quality defense attorney.

If you are facing criminal charges in Braeswood Place, you are entitled to defend yourself. With the right defense, the charges against you may potentially be reduced or dismissed. To learn more about your legal options, contact the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today.

What Happens if I am Arrested for DWI or Another Crime in Braeswood Place, Houston?

Law enforcement in Harris County, including in Braeswood Place, takes every person arrested within the county to be booked at the Harris County Jail Inmate Processing Center. This is the case regardless of the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest. The facility is located at:

Harris County Jail Inmate Processing Center
700 N. San Jacinto Street
Houston, TX 77002

Once you arrive, you will be fingerprinted and booked into jail. For minor charges, you could be released on your own recognizance. In that case, you will be free to leave jail without paying a bond as long as you promise to attend your court hearings and meet other conditions. For more serious charges, you will remain in jail until your arraignment.

Your arraignment is the first formal hearing in a criminal case. It is your opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty to the crime. It is also your chance for the judge to grant you bail and get out of jail pending trial. While you have the option to plead guilty, it is never in your best interest. When you plead guilty at your arraignment, you waive your right to consult an attorney or go to trial. If you plead not guilty, you will have additional time to contact an attorney.

What is the Punishment for a Braeswood Place DWI Conviction?

There is a wide range of potential punishments tied to a DWI conviction in Braeswood Place. Your prior arrest record will play major role in the severity of the charges you face. For example, a first-offense DWI is a misdemeanor. It carries a maximum term of one year in jail, but a conviction rarely results in time behind bars. The same cannot be said for a third offense DWI. A third or subsequent DWI conviction could cost you years behind bars and thousands of dollars in fines. As a convicted felon, you would face other significant hardships as well.

In addition to these penalties, there are some collateral consequences at stake as well:

Some collateral consequences following a DWI conviction impact specific professions in Braeswood Place more than others, including:

  • Youth center workers
  • Teachers
  • Shop owners
  • Truck drivers
  • Librarians
  • Mechanics

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