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Strategic DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney in Jersey Village, TX

An arrest for a DWI (or just about any other crime for that matter) in Jersey Village, Texas, can lead to serious jail time and fines, among other types of punishment. For most residents of Jersey Village who are hard-working, family-oriented people, you can't afford a DWI and the criminal record that follows it upon conviction. You need to fight the charge.

Doug Murphy is a respected and well-known Texas DWI lawyer who represents residents of Jersey Village who have been arrested for DWI or another crime like assault, drug, white-collar, or other miscellaneous crimes. He is committed to DWI and criminal defense because he understands how a person can become the victim of overzealous police officers in the greater Houston metropolitan area or how one mistake can lead to a life of uncertainty and difficulties. He believes the innocent should be cleared of all charges and those who made a mistake should get a second chance. As part of his commitment, he regularly maintains:

He also continues to present at speaking engagements where he provides his insight and knowledge on DWI and criminal defense to his colleagues in Texas and throughout the United States. If you have been arrested for a DWI or another crime in Jersey Village, Texas, contact Doug Murphy today at 713-229-8333 for the experience and dedication your case requires.

Overview of Crime in Jersey Village, Texas

The crime rate in Jersey Village is exceptionally below the Texas rate and the nation's rate. Jersey Village crime rate is:

  • 20% lower than the Texas mean; and
  • 13% lower than the United State's mean.

Most of the crime involves theft and property crimes. But for professionals and family persons, the crime that hits hardest at home are driving while intoxicated crimes. Most alleged DWI offenders are first-time offenders, but even then, a first-offense can result in a felony if a child was in the vehicle or if an accident occurred. These types of cases are serious with repercussions that can be devastating.

If you are arrested for a DWI (or another crime) in Jersey Village, you will likely end up at the Jersey Village Police Department for a chemical test (breath or blood) and booking. The Jersey Village police station is located at:

16401 Lakeview Drive
Jersey Village, TX 77040
Phone: 713-466-5824

Why Fight a DWI or Other Criminal Charges in Jersey Village, Texas?

Overall, Jersey Village is a safe and livable city. In fact, in terms of livability, it is rated as one of the best livable small cities in Texas and top 100 best livable cities in the United States. In addition, its educational system receives A+ ratings. Housing and employment also rank high.

For most of you in Jersey Village, your biggest crime is going out and having a drink with friends and/or family. Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to DWI arrests. It all starts when you, for example, forget to put on a left- or right-hand signal or swerve over a line. The police can use some of these situations as a probable cause that you violated a traffic rule or as reasonable suspicion that you are illegally intoxicated while driving. A crime like this – whether it is charged as a misdemeanor or felony – can result in a criminal record if convicted.

A criminal record can result in many difficulties throughout your life, and these include things like:

  • Difficulty obtaining loans -- personal, education, auto, or mortgage loans
  • Denial of your right to vote (if the crime committed is a felony)
  • Denial of your right to use and own a gun (if the crime committed is a felony)
  • Problems with travel
  • Difficulty maintaining or obtaining child custody
  • Problems generally finding a job
  • Problems specifically getting a job in the financial sector
  • Challenges to security clearance
  • Challenges to a professional license.

In terms of employment, these collateral consequences can make a huge and detrimental difference in your quality of life. Many of the highest-paid and most common jobs in Jersey Village -- according to the most recent 5-year census, include:

  • Management (14.1% of the workforce)
  • Sales & related occupations (10.8% of the workforce)
  • Office & administrative support (17.3% of the workforce)
  • Business & financial operations (8.07% of the workforce)
  • Education, training, and library occupation (5.14% of the workforce).

Many of these positions require security clearance or a professional license, like a:

When you know the means to live and enjoy life are challenged, then you know you must fight the DWI charge. It is good to know that with Doug Murphy as your attorney, a DWI can be won in your favor.

Smart, Comprehensive DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jersey Village, Texas

Doug Murphy is committed to DWI and criminal defense. He is able to get the results his clients expect because of this commitment combined with twenty years of experience.

Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today at 713-229-8333 for an initial consultation if you want to know more about Doug Murphy's approach to DWI and criminal defense and how he may be able to help you avoid a criminal record or obtain the best case outcome in your unique situation.

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