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Nestled between the 610 Loop and Downtown rests River Oaks, one of the more prominent neighborhoods in the city. Meticulously designed in the 1920s, River Oaks has been hailed as a model of strong community planning. With homes costing in the upwards of $20 million, it is also one of Houston's most expensive neighborhoods.

Although River Oaks has one of the lowest crime rates in the city, the reality is that arrests still occur here regularly. Violent crime is almost non-existent, but driving while intoxicated and other alcohol-related offenses still occur with some regularity. If you are facing an arrest in River Oaks, you are entitled to a strong defense. In many cases, the prosecutor will dismiss the charges against you if you fight back vigorously. In other cases, the charges against you could be reduced.

While driving while intoxicated makes up the majority of arrests in River Oaks, crimes of domestic violence are also common. No matter the charges you face, you have the right to seek the defense attorney of your choice. An experienced defense lawyer could make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Attorney Doug Murphy has long been recognized as one of Houston's top criminal defense lawyers. He is one of only two attorneys in the State of Texas to achieve Board Certification in DWI defense law and criminal defense law. Obtaining these certifications requires experience and skill, making them an excellent indicator of a strong defense lawyer.

You have the right to defend yourself in court alone. However, the benefits of a skilled legal advocate on your side are many. From the beginning of the process to the end, your attorney can ensure your rights are protected. To learn more about your defense options, contact the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today.

What if I am arrested for DWI or Another Crime in River Oaks?

Following an arrest in Harris County, including in River Oaks, law enforcement will transport you to the Harris County Inmate Processing Center in Houston for booking. The Processing Center is located at:

Harris County Jail Inmate Processing Center
700 N. San Jacinto Street
Houston, TX 77002

Once you are booked into jail, you could be released on your own recognizance with orders to appear in court on your scheduled court date. However, if you are facing serious charges, you might be forced to stay behind bars until your arraignment.

The arraignment is the name of the first formal hearing in your case. The judge presiding over your case will consider releasing you on bail at this hearing. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty. By pleading guilty at your arraignment, you waive the right to consult with an attorney or take your case to trial. Because of these drawbacks, it is not in your best interest to plead guilty. By pleading not guilty, you will buy yourself some time to consult with an attorney and consider your options.

What is the Punishment for a River Oaks DWI Conviction?

The potential penalties you face following a DWI conviction in River Oaks will depend on a few factors. The most important of those factors is your prior history of DWI convictions. While first-time offenders face misdemeanor charges that rarely carry additional jail time, multiple-time offenders face much tougher punishment. For example, a third offense DWI conviction could result in years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Finally, any DWI conviction will result in the suspension of driving privileges.

There are other consequences collateral to a conviction for DWI or other offense, including:

While these consequences can impact anyone, some professions are more likely than others to feel the impact. These professions include:

  • Oil executives
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Teachers
  • Librarians
  • Real estate agents
  • Marketing executives

Discuss your Defense Options with a River Oaks DWI Defense Lawyer

The list of consequences following a criminal conviction in River Oaks is lengthy. The good news is that there is no guarantee that your case will result in your conviction. Defense attorneys committed to a winning defense can obtain a dismissal or an acquittal for their clients, and the same could happen in your case.

For a strong defense and a committed DWI attorney, contact the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today at 713-229-8333.

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