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When you are arrested, it may feel as though your life is crumbling around you. A criminal conviction can have a serious impact on your life, resulting in jail time, fines, court costs, and other penalties. Even an arrest itself can cause serious harm to your personal and professional reputation, as the arrest record is public information. Facing the criminal justice system alone is like playing poker without knowing the rules of the game. You need Board Certified and veteran criminal defense attorney Doug Murphy to lead and guide you throughout the legal process and aggressively fight on your behalf.

Criminal Defense in Texas

A criminal charge can be one of the most frightening and stressful experiences of a person's life. Convictions on a person's record can make it more difficult to do things like find a job, own a firearm, and, in some instances, even find housing. Finding the best lawyer for your case is key to a person having the best chance for success in the courtroom.

Doug Murphy has the expertise and experience in defending those accused of criminal offenses in Texas. He represents clients in cases involving but not limited to:

DWI Charges In Texas

DWI is an opinion crime that is more complicated due to the police's pseudo-scientific techniques and the collateral consequences. While law enforcement and the prosecution alike may treat a DWI as a simple case, the truth is that there are a number of defenses available to demonstrate the weaknesses of the state's evidence for those who are accused of DWI.

Field sobriety exercises are a one-size-fits-all approach to determine intoxication; however, these exercises don't fit everyone, and they are not reliable indicators of intoxication. Police are taught a series of "Simon Says" exercises in a 24-hour training course, yet an accused only gets 30 seconds of instructions, and if they do not complete the exercises within a 99% pass rate, a person will be arrested, causing many sober people to fail field sobriety exercises.

Both breath testing machines (Intoxilyzer 9000), and blood testing machines (gas chromatographs) are fallible devices, and the processes provide many opportunities for human error to affect the accuracy and reliability of breath and blood testing. It takes experience to know the important things to call into question in the courtroom and how to successfully challenge this evidence. There is no reason a person should face a license suspension, jail time, and thousands of dollars in fines for this crime without a solid defense.

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