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Aggressive, Smart DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney in Tomball

Have you been arrested for a DWI in Tomball, Texas? What about an arrest for another criminal offense? If so, you know that Tomball is a pretty small community, so fighting that charge may be of particular interest to you – it is the only way you can avoid a criminal record. But not all DWI attorneys care about your criminal record; many attorneys are content with settling for a plea deal, and they often lament to their clients that the deal is the best they are going to get.

Doug Murphy, respected DWI and criminal defense attorney in the greater Houston metropolitan area, sees things a little differently: he knows you can get a better deal, but it is only by fighting the charges made against you.

Doug Murphy has been defending alleged DWI and criminal offenders for twenty years now. He is:

He continues to take on the hard cases as much as the easier ones – but the goal for each is always the same: dismissal before trial or an acquittal at trial. Doug Murphy knows that behind each DWI case is either a person who is innocent of the charges and a victim of overzealous police or a person who made a mistake but shouldn't suffer the rest of his or her life due to that mistake.

Doug Murphy will use his knowledge, insight, skills, and resources to provide you with a comprehensive, viable defense. Keep in mind that each case is different and some pose greater challenges than others, but you can still expect the best from Doug Murphy and his legal team. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. to schedule an initial consultation today.

Overview of DWI & Other Criminal Allegations in Tomball, Texas

Tomball is a city in Harris County. Compared to Texas and the United States as a whole, crime in Tomball is relatively high. For example, consider the below statistics:

  • Murder in Tomball occurs at a rate of 0 per 100,000 people while it's 6,6/100k statewide and 6.5/100k nationally;
  • Assault in Tomball occurs at a rate of 431.3 per 100,000 people while it's 302.5/100k statewide and 279.7/100k nationally;
  • Theft in Tomball occurs at a rate of 1,936.4 per 100,000 people while it's 1,587.3/100k statewide and 1,398.0/100k nationally; and
  • Property crime in Tomball occurs at a rate of 2,461 per 100,000 people while it's 2,245/100k statewide and 1,958 nationally.

If you have been accused of one of these other crimes, seeking the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be key to your case. But there's another crime that happens in Tomball, one that usually does not involve any victims but can destroy a person's life: driving while intoxicated (DWI). If you have been charged with a DWI, chances are the quality of your life is on the line. This type of offense is defensible, you just have to find the right attorney to represent you.

If you are arrested for a DWI or another crime in Tomball, you may end up at the following police station for chemical testing (a breath test or blood test) and booking:

The City of Tomball Police Department
401 Market Street
Tomball, TX 77375
Phone: 281-351-5484

What are the Consequences of Failing to Fight a DWI in Tomball, TX?

Located in Harris County and just over 30 miles northeast of Houston, residents of Tomball take I-45 and TX-249 to travel back and forth to/from Houston. The latest data on Tomball suggests a city that has experienced some economic growth over the last year alongside a relatively low poverty rate. That said, many residents enjoy high-paying jobs in Houston, and these include the following positions and median earnings for each:

  • Architecture & Engineering Occupations ($100,288);
  • Legal Occupations ($44,813); and
  • Life, Physical, & Social Science Occupations ($206,289).

DWI convictions can result in serious consequences, from jail and fines to license suspension. The latter matters particularly for those who commute back and forth from Houston for employment in the above-mentioned jobs. Other collateral consequences include:

These things matter – and so does your reputation and your family. Contact an experienced DWI or criminal defense lawyer today.

Contact a Tomball DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney

Doug Murphy is known for his passion and commitment to DWI defense and criminal defense. In many ways, it isn't necessarily his exceptional skills that set him apart from other DWI attorneys, but his passion to defend his clients.

Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today at 713-229-8333 to discuss with him and his legal team how their approach to defense is the right approach for you.

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