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West University Place Criminal Defense Attorney

Smart, Aggressive West University Place DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney

Getting a DWI or another criminal conviction carries with it penalties that can include things like incarceration, fines, and license suspension. That is enough to scare any person with a family and/or a professional career requiring some kind of licensure or an otherwise clean criminal slate. But what many people don't always realize initially is that these convictions also carry collateral consequences, which can include the suspension or revocation of a license and problems with child custody, among many other consequences.

In West University Place, the residents are hard-working and well-educated families. If a resident is arrested for a DWI, the stakes are high. Pleading guilty or settling for a plea deal is generally not an option. But so many DWI defense attorneys try to persuade their clients that it is the best option.

For Doug Murphy, a Board Certified DWI defense lawyer (certified by the National College for DUI Defense) and Board Certified criminal law attorney (certified by the Texas Board Legal Specialization), it's rarely an attractive option. He believes you should fight and keep your criminal record clean to avoid collateral consequences associated with a criminal record. He has an incredible winning track record that demonstrates DWI charges are defensible. And so are many other crimes. Plus, you have a constitutional right to defend yourself.

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Overview of DWI & Other Crimes in West University Place

South of I-10 and inside loop I-610 is a place not like most of Texas or, for that matter, the United States. In this little section of Harris County, as part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area, lies West University Place, Texas.

It's a beautiful and small community of just over 15,000 residents, and the crime rate is extremely low. In fact, if you look at the crime reports, there are days where no crimes are reported and on most days, there's only one crime reported. Top crimes more often than not involve identity theft (where the resident is actually the victim) or driving while intoxicated (where the resident is actually the suspect).

As already suggested, a DWI charge is serious, and a conviction of the same is even more serious. Some residents of West University Places may be arrested for DWI within the city's limits. If that's the case, they will be booked at the local West University Place police station, located at:

3800 University Boulevard
West University Place, Texas 77005
Phone: 713-668-4441

Other community members may be arrested within the city limits of Houston or another surrounding area. The Houston Police Department closed its last jail facility in the first quarter of 2019, so any arrests made within the City of Houston will lead to booking at the new Joint Processing Center downtown. You can locate a person using Harris County Find Someone in Jail site.

Why Fight a DWI or Another Criminal Charge in West University Place?

West University Place is an affluent community with a median household income surpassing the state's and the nation's median house income by nearly four to five times. The average median household income is $250,001 in West University (the state's average is $67,321 and the nation's average is $69,021). Growth in West University Place keeps on increasing, too.

Those who live in West University Place are doing well, to say the least. The top occupation industries, according to the last 5-year census, include:

  • Management Occupations (1,408 people);
  • Health Diagnosing & Treating Practitioners & Other Technical Occupations (1,123 people); and
  • Business & Financial Operations Occupations (762 people);
  • Legal occupations (653).

Many positions within these industries require security clearance and/or a professional license (e.g., medical license, nursing license, CPA license, real estate license, legal license, etc.). Other positions prohibit employment to a person who is not trustworthy, e.g., the finance sector. A DWI is, therefore, a problem because it is often considered a crime that supports the idea you are not trustworthy.

If you want to keep your license or your job, you need to fight the charge. And Doug Murphy has twenty-plus years of experience proving he can do just that: get your charges dismissed or you acquitted at trial.

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Doug Murphy takes each case and treats it with the same amount of passion and commitment. He will devise a defense strategy unique to your circumstances and hold the State of Texas and the jury accountable to the principle you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Doug Murphy knows how to create the requisite doubt that leads to your acquittal. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today to learn more about how he can help you fight your DWI charge or any other charge that may pose a risk to your livelihood, your family, and your status in the community. Call 713-229-8333 today to schedule a consultation.

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