• Board Certified Criminal & DWI Defense Lawyer

    Doug Murphy is one of two Texas lawyers Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and also in DWI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense, the only DWI certification accredited by the American Bar Association and Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Board certification matters. Very few lawyers have the trial experience or credentials to sit for board certification, let alone pass the rigorous testing. Do not settle for less than the best. Your freedom depends on it.

  • A Proven Leader of the Law

    Doug Murphy is a proven leader in the legal community. Doug served as the Dean of the National College for DUI Defense, and as President of the Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Doug is a sought after speaker throughout the United States teaching successful legal strategies to lawyers. Whether it’s helping clients or fellow lawyers, Doug has amassed a proven track record to helping others.

  • "The Drinking Driver's Best Friend"

    – Houston Press


2009; 2013-2023


Board Certified Houston Criminal Defense Attorney & DWI Attorney

Doug Murphy is a nationally acclaimed Houston criminal defense and DWI specialist attorney. An award-winning trial lawyer, Doug is guided by the maxim of his hero, Abraham Lincoln: “Things may come to those who wait, but only things left behind by those who hustle.” You can be sure that Doug will hustle to protect your rights and reputation.

Doug Murphy embraces the most challenging and difficult cases with a proven track record of relentlessly finding solutions to cases other lawyers can't. He is passionate about winning, and Doug's passion and success in the courtroom secured him a lasting reputation. Doug Murphy has twice been voted by his peers as Lawyer of the Year in 2021 and 2023 from The Best Lawyers in America by Woodward White, Inc., published in U.S. News & World Report magazine. He has also been named to Texas Rising Stars & Texas Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters services respectively in 2004 to 2009 and 2013 to 2023, published in Texas Monthly magazine.

Facing a Criminal Charge

When you're facing criminal charges, it can be a serious matter that affects every aspect of your life, including your freedom. You could face jail time and fines, of course. But a conviction can mean a criminal record that will follow you every time you apply for a job, try to rent a home, apply for a loan, or try to obtain a professional license. If you share custody of a child, a criminal conviction can even affect your child custody and visitation arrangements. Your reputation, career, and family life can be at stake in a criminal trial. That's why it's essential that you hire a Houston defense attorney who is an expert in the field of criminal defense like Doug Murphy. The costs of hiring an attorney who isn't up to the task can be very high.

The Client Consultation

During the initial consultation, we take the time to sit down and get to know every client and fully understand the case. We'll also investigate your case and won't take the police version of events as gospel. After a full investigation, we'll give you our honest and straightforward advice with a strategic plan to protect your rights. We'll give you options for the best strategic approach to meet your goals.

Building a Strong Defense

Creating a strategic plan for your case will involve building a strong defense. The prosecutor must prove each element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, and we must contest their case against you every step of the way. Your defense may include:

  • Challenging the state's evidence or witnesses against you,
  • Moving to suppress evidence or witnesses against you,
  • Using police reports or video to question the police version of events,
  • Challenging any violation of your constitutional rights,
  • Arguing an affirmative defense like self-defense, defense of others, defense of property, necessity, entrapment, insanity, or mistake of fact.

Clients often tell us they feel relieved after consulting with us and hearing our plans for a strong defense; our results in the courtroom back this up. But the costs of failing to hire an expert in criminal defense can be high.

Cases We Handle

Doug Murphy is one of a few lawyers in Texas who is a Board Certified expert in both criminal law and DWI. He is a noted expert in criminal defense and represents clients in a wide range of cases.

  • DWI: Driving while intoxicated can be a serious charge in Texas. Charges can range from a Class B misdemeanor for a first DWI to habitual felony DWI. Moreover, driving with a child under 15 in the car while intoxicated is a state jail felony that can carry a penalty of up to two years in jail.
  • Intoxication Assault and Manslaughter: When someone dies during an alleged DWI crash, the consequences can be severe. A conviction for intoxication assault alleging serious bodily injury or manslaughter is a third or second-degree felony in Texas.
  • ALR Hearings: With an arrest for a DWI comes the potential loss of your license, but you can contest this through a separate Administrative Licensing Hearing. Not all attorneys will handle these important matters, but Doug Murphy understands the importance of helping you retain your license and the essential strategic advantage that an ALR hearing can give you with a skilled and experienced lawyer when facing a DWI charge.
  • BWI: Boating while intoxicated is also a crime in Texas, and a conviction can carry serious penalties. But boaters are often prejudged by law enforcement who find evidence of alcohol on a boat. Roadside sobriety tests aren't suitable for boaters, but tests developed by law enforcement in the boating environment are even less reliable . If you're charged with a BWI in Houston or thought Texas, you'll need an expert in DWI defense who knows how to discredit the ridiculous seated sobriety tasks.
  • Drug Defense: Drug crimes come with sobering penalties under Texas law. From marijuana possession to distributing controlled substances, the state will vigorously pursue any drug offense. If you're facing a drug crime in Houston, your priority should be hiring the best drug crime lawyer in the Houston area. Texas laws are way behind the times compared to the advance of how marijuana and THC products are used. One simple gummy candy or a vape pen with even a small amount of THC is a felony under Texas law. A felony charge, however, is not a hopeless case and you will need a board certified and seasoned lawyer who knows how to successfully challenge and resolve these cases so you avoid a felony and criminal record.
  • Assault: Assault, aggravated assault, and similar crimes are considered violent crimes in Texas. While the legal consequences of a conviction can be high, the social consequences of an assault conviction can be far more so. That's why you need a vigorous defense from an expert in criminal defense like attorney Doug Murphy.
  • Driving Defense: When you're on the road, you may assume that any offense you could face is just a “traffic violation” and no big deal in Texas. But when these traffic violations generally can turn into greater allegations of violations of the Texas Penal Code such as DWI, hit and run, reckless driving, racing on a highway, and evading arrest. The consequences of a conviction for one of these offenses can still be serious.
  • Prostitution: We've seen an increase in prostitution stings in Houston and around Texas, but police now focus on arresting people for soliciting prostitution. In fact, Texas law was recently changed making it a felony to solicit prostitution. Many times these stings cast an overly wide net, so if you're facing a charge for prostitution or soliciting prostitution, you need a strong defense. We have been successful in helping those wrongfully accused of soliciting prostitution avoid a felony and a criminal conviction.
  • White Collar Crimes: White-collar crime often involves money rather than violence. But crimes such as fraud, bribery, money laundering, copyright infringement, or even corporate liability for these crimes can carry steep penalties in Texas.
  • 3G Offenses: 3G offenses are serious felonies named after a section of the Texas code. Crimes such as murder, sexual assault, aggravated robbery, and human trafficking are felonies in Texas, and a conviction can result in serious jail time and fines. If you're facing a 3G felony charge, you'll need an expert in criminal defense like Doug Murphy to protect your rights.
  • Federal Crimes: The state of Texas will prosecute most crimes in Houston. But you could face federal charges for crimes violating federal law, large-scale criminal activity, or crimes involving multiple states. If you're facing a federal charge, you must get an attorney well versed in handling serious federal crimes as soon as possible.
  • Theft: Theft is among one of the most frequently charged crimes in Houston. From motor vehicle theft to burglary, larceny, and robbery, our experienced attorneys have handled it all. In reality, the police aren't infallible; law enforcement and prosecutors often make mistakes in the investigation and prosecution of these crimes. That's where an expert in criminal defense law can help.
  • Expungement: We all make mistakes, and Texas law recognizes that, offering options for many people to clean up their criminal records. An experienced criminal defense attorney like Doug Murphy can recommend options for expunging your record and help you choose the best path forward.


Why Hire Doug Murphy & His Proven Team

When you face a criminal charge, it's natural to feel overwhelmed and afraid. You need a proven trial lawyer who has earned their stripes and reputation in the courtroom and who has demonstrated they will aggressively and professionally advocate on your behalf. But you also want a lawyer with an excellent reputation, one well respected by Houston trial lawyers and judges alike, and one with the credentials to back up their reassurances and advice.

  1. Proven Results

When your freedom and future are at stake, a renowned trial lawyer in the courtroom can be the difference between winning and losing your freedom.

Every detail is important. Clients often feel relieved after meeting with us for the initial consultation. Clients want and deserve a straightforward and honest approach. Clients also want results. And results are what Doug Murphy delivers. Professionalism and fidelity to his clients are paramount throughout the course of representation.

  1. Excellent Reputation

Doug has taught criminal defense lawyers at more than 120 continuing legal education seminars throughout the United States. Doug previously served as Dean of the National College for DUI Defense conducted at Harvard Law School. Doug is a Past-President of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association and also served two terms on the Board of Directors for the Texas Criminal Lawyers Association, as well as a Co-Chairman of the DWI Committee for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Doug also received The Sharon Levine Unsung Hero Award from the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association for his work in exposing flaws in the Houston Police Department's Breath Alcohol Testing vans. The work of Doug and others eventually led to the police department decommissioning these vans.

  1. Respected by Peers

Doug Murphy is a Houston criminal defense and DWI attorney who other lawyers routinely hire to assist them in cases to solve problems they cannot solve. Perhaps that's just one reason why Doug was voted by fellow lawyers twice as the Lawyer of The Year by Best Lawyers In America in 2021 and 2023. And why he was named to The Best Lawyers in America by Woodward White in 2013-2023 and Texas Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters services in 2009, 2013-2023 by his peers.

  1. Board Certified Expert

Doug Murphy has the credentials to back up his advice. He is a Board Certified expert in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specializations and DWI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense, accredited by the American Bar Association and the Texas Board of Legal Specializations. Doug is one of only two attorneys in Texas to obtain board certifications in these two challenging specialty areas of the law.

Doug Murphy and his team have what it takes to provide you with skilled advice and dedicated advocacy when facing criminal charges. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to experience how hiring an experienced and accomplished leader can be the decision that saves your career, your freedom, or your life.

Award Winning Trial Lawyer

Dealing with criminal charges is intimidating and stressful. You need an experienced lawyer to immediately help guide you through the process, and start investigating your case. In DWI cases, you only have 15 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing to prevent the suspension of your driver's license. Call Doug Murphy now. His proven experience and expertise can help you obtain the best possible results.

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