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Drag Racing and the New Street Take Over Task Force in Texas

 Posted on March 03, 2023 in Uncategorized

You have probably heard of street racing or drag racing. It can seem harmless to race on a deserted street. But drag racing has increased dramatically since the 2020 pandemic and nationwide economic shutdown. Now, organized groups of people plan "street takeovers." These takeovers, sometimes called "side shows," involve cars blocking off whole sections of public streets and intersections with cars and flash mobs of bystanders.

At these street takeovers, participants engage in street racing or doing stunts like doughnuts, drifting, and ghost riding. Ghost riding, a trend made popular by TikTok and other social media platforms, has the driver of a car jumping out of the moving vehicle and dancing or running alongside the moving car before jumping back in. High rates of speed, stunts, and tricks on public highways lead to accidents. And now Texas authorities are ratcheting up enforcement of state street racing laws. If you get caught up in a street racing crackdown, you need an expert in criminal defense law to protect your rights. Call the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. at 713-229-8333.

Street Takeover Task Force

On February 23, 2023, Governor Abbott announced the launch of a statewide street takeover task force. The group aims to combat the rise in street takeovers and drag racing across Texas. Governor Abbott stated, "We must send a clear message that these reckless, coordinated criminal events will not be tolerated in Texas. This statewide task force will work closely with local officials and law enforcement to investigate, prosecute, and prevent these dangerous street takeovers. Working together, we can ensure Texans in communities large and small remain safe."

Members of DPS' Criminal Investigations Division, Texas Highway Patrol, Aviation Operations Division, and Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division will lead the task force and work directly with local law enforcement agencies across the state. The task force aims to target state-level investigation of the organized crime aspect of street takeovers, focusing on arrests and seizing assets, including weapons and vehicles. Many charges related to street racing, organized crime offenses, and injuries caused by street racing are felony charges.

Hire an Expert in Texas Criminal Defense Law

If you're facing street racing charges in Texas, you need legal guidance immediately. Prosecutors are zealously prosecuting street racing charges right now, and you need an expert in criminal defense to ensure you don't get a raw deal. Attorney Doug Murphy is an expert in both Criminal Defense Law and DWI Defense. He is one of only two attorneys in Texas who are Board Certified in both these legal specialties. Doug is well-versed in handling complex criminal defense cases involving motor vehicles and can protect your rights.

U.S. News and World Report's Best Lawyers in America also recently named Doug a "Lawyer of the Year" for1021 and 2023 Houston DWI defense, an award voted on by his fellow attorneys in the Houston area. Find out how the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. can help you today. Call them at 713-229-8333 or contact them online to schedule your consultation.

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