Understanding How a Texas DWI Case Can Be Won

Nerves can really get to a person. Maybe it's your first arrest ever. You were out with friends, co-workers, or even family members and had a drink, maybe two drinks, then -- with it getting late but feeling fine -- drove home. But on your way home, you failed to use your traffic signal for a right turn. The cops, sitting on the side of the road late at night just to “catch” drunk drivers, happen to see you take the turn without the signal. This failure gives the cops “reasonable suspicion” to pull you over for a traffic stop. You're extremely nervous and scared. The cop acts like he cares and wants to help. You disclose you had a drink, maybe two. You're asked to exit the vehicle and perform field sobriety tests. You fail. Your nerves, of course. Then you're asked to take a breath test. You ask why. The cop takes that as a refusal and you are arrested before you know it. Any kind of protest will not go well for you. Someone comes and gets your vehicle or it's towed and impounded. And you spend a night in jail.

Then this happens: the arraignment. You think the cops have what they need for the prosecution to win its case against you. You plead guilty at the arraignment. You think: (1) there's nothing I can do, the odds are against me; and (2) I want this over.

Pleading guilty is a mistake. Big mistake. Don't do it. You can win a Texas DWI case. So get ahold of your nerves and plead not guilty. Here and on related pages, we help you understand how you can win your Texas DWI case. We aren't saying it will be easy, but we are saying it's well worth the fight and it can be done. We have a proven track record of being DWI cases all over the great State of Texas.

In a nutshell, what does it Take to Win a Harris County DWI Case?

This question requires a two-part answer: (1) it takes you -- the one charged with the offense; and (2) Houston's premier DWI attorney Doug Murphy.

Do you want to fight your Texas DWI charge?

First, you need to be ready to fight. How to know if fighting is right for you is really up to you and your attorney. But if you are worried about a criminal record, and if that criminal record could potentially affect your life in very meaningful ways -- like education, career, housing, loans, child custody, among other things -- then fighting is your only option unless this is a first offense and expunction is possible… But then again, hoping for expunction has its own risks, so it is something to talk to your attorney about, too.

If you are willing to fight, though, then it is imperative to find a DWI defense attorney with the expertise and trial experience to see you through the whole process rather than settle for a plea deal.

Get an attorney who can help you fight a Texas DWI charge successfully.

Second, get an attorney who can help you win. That means finding an attorney who doesn't just have accolades listed on his or her website -- because, for one, many of these accolades are purchased for a small fee, and two, they may not truly reflect the attorney's qualifications -- but who has demonstrated a superior capability to defend DWI cases from minor first-offense cases to the most serious felony DWI cases.

When it comes to defending DWI cases, Doug Murphy is the attorney to find and retain. This is what he brings to your case:

  • A reputation for fighting -- both judges and prosecutors know his name and know he means business and not the kind of business that includes a plea deal. In addition, he is asked to provide presentations on a regular basis throughout Texas and the United States to help other DWI / DUI attorneys know better represent their clients.
  • Unparallelled qualifications -- he is one of only two attorneys in all of Texas to hold Board Certifications in both DWI defense and criminal law, and obtaining these certifications is not an easy fete but takes real, tested skill and recommendations by judges and colleagues.
  • Understanding the Science -- in DWI cases, the chemical tests, the reconstruction accidents, and any other evidence that may be provided is often the product of science. Understanding that science is something many attorneys -- even DWI attorneys -- have a hard time with. And that's unfortunate for the alleged offender because therein lies many challenges to the prosecutor's arguments against you. Though breath and blood tests, for example, are based on science, the science used is imperfect and the handlers of the instruments and samples are even less imperfect and prone to making errors. Doug Murphy can identify these errors because he knows the science.
  • Determination and commitment -- Doug Murphy is interested in making sure you do not have to deal with a criminal record and will put forth the best defense strategy for the unique circumstances surrounding your case.

DWIs in Houston, Texas: Find out More How to Win Your Case

If you want to learn more about winning your DWI case before you contact Doug Murphy, by all means, search our website. Some pages that may prove interesting and useful include but are not limited to:

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