Things to Know When Navigating the Waller County TX Legal System after an Arrest

Waller County Courthouse

Have you been charged with a DWI or other misdemeanor or felony crime in Waller County, Texas? It's an unnerving experience exacerbated by Waller County's documented history of police misconduct. If you have been charged with a crime, chances are your rights could have been violated in the process, and regardless of your guilt or innocence, violation of your rights matter and could be means to suppressing evidence. Don't expect the prosecution to care, however, if your rights have been violated. That's why you need a Waller County criminal defense attorney who can identify police misconduct and challenge the same successfully. But the same attorney must not be one who is willing to strike a plea deal just because the prosecution is offering it. If you want to fight your charge because you care about your future and your status with your family and the community, you need to retain a criminal defense lawyer who is committed to going to trial if that what it means to have your charges dismissed or acquitted.

Doug Murphy is known in the legal community to fight charges comprehensively and aggressively. He will listen to your story, investigate accordingly, and devise a strategic defense plan that puts pressure on the prosecution to dismiss the charge(s) or else plan for trial. Contact him to discuss your case. In the meantime, read below for things to consider about retaining a criminal defense lawyer and resources you may need if arrested in Waller County.

Determining When to Retain a Lawyer after Charged with a Crime in Waller County, TX

Doug Murphy is an experienced DWI and criminal defense lawyer. He has been committed to criminal defense for several decades. It is his passion that keeps him doing what he does so well: representing ordinary people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. He knows that some of you have been wrongfully accused while some of you just made a mistake and want your life back. He is there to navigate you through the process and to help make sure you receive the best outcome under the circumstances of your case.

Is Doug Murphy the right criminal defense lawyer for you?

Determining when and which attorney to retain to defend your rights before a judge and jury can have a major impact on your life. You have to consider the importance of retaining counsel and the importance of retaining counsel that betters your chances at success. You also have to determine what “success” means for you and if you have the financial means to provide for it.

Things to consider include:

  • Do you have a professional career that requires a professional license, like a pilot's licensemedical license, or nursing license?
  • Does your current job require some level of security clearance?
  • Do you intend to work in the financial industry?
  • Do you intend to rent housing in the future?
  • Do you intend to go to an academic institution in the future, or are you currently attending a higher educational institution?
  • Do you value your right to vote?
  • Do you value your right to possess and use a firearm?
  • Do you have custody of a child or children, or are you in the process of negotiating/fighting for custody?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should know that a conviction can have an impact on any one of these things, and that impact can endure a lifetime. For example, if you are convicted of a DWI, that conviction cannot be expunged, so it is on your criminal record. If you want to obtain security clearance, a commercial driver's license, or a job that requires you to drive for purposes of that position, you may run into literal roadblocks. Retaining a lawyer now to help you get your charge dismissed, rather than settle for a plea deal that will still produce a criminal record, is always in your best interests.

But how do you know a criminal defense lawyer has what it takes to help you best under your unique circumstances? The following are two specific factors to consider before retaining a DWI or criminal defense lawyer.

Legal Specialization

Does the attorney have any legal specializations?

The Texas Board of Legal Specializations certifies 22 specific legal areas from criminal law to other areas. There are well over 100,000 lawyers in Texas, but only around 7 percent are Board-certified in a legal specialization. Why so few? Because to be certified requires rigorous testing and extensive experience, and the certification is an annual process, not a one-time thing. Thus, it requires real knowledge of the law and the court system as well as real experience in the area of specialization.

An attorney can also be specialized in DWI defense. The National College of DUI Defense is the only ABA accredited certifying body for DWI and DUI defense. Certification requires rigorous oral and written examination. The examinations test the attorney's knowledge and skills on procedural and substantive law specifically related to DWI / DUI, including DWI / DUI related crimes, science of chemical testing of breath, blood, and urine, and NHTSA guidelines on field sobriety testing and drug recognition tests. Thus, hiring an attorney who has been Board-certified in DWI Defense indicates that attorney knows what he is doing, knows all about what can go wrong with field sobriety tests or chemical tests, among many other important matters that far too often arise in DUI arrests and the process that follows the arrest.

Proof of Experience & Skills

Does the attorney have any accolades, client testimonials, and extensive trial experience?
  • Accolades are a way for the legal community to acknowledge lawyers with experience and exceptional capabilities. Accolades are not handouts; they are earned.
  • Client testimonials are the voices of former clients who can confirm that the attorney is what he says he is because he proved the same by representing them.
  • Extensive trial experience demonstrates the attorney has no intention of bargaining for a plea deal unless it is the best option. Extensive trial experience confirms the criminal defense lawyer is in it for the long haul if that is what it takes to fight for your freedom and your future.

Doug Murphy is Board Certified in criminal defense and Board Certified in DWI defense. His legal practice is distinguished by a number of accolades he receives year after year. Clients regularly testify to his capabilities and he has the case results at trial to attest to his trial experience.

What's more: his legal practice is well-known in Texas and is reason why he is regularly requested to attend seminars to speak to other attorneys about DWI and criminal defense. Finally, he understands the importance of helping you defend against criminal allegations so that you can get back to your life: that's why he does what he does and remains committed to it.

Does Doug Murphy Law Firm represent the crime you were charged with?

Doug Murphy represents both DWI and other misdemeanor or felony crimes. Most of his practice is spent on DWI or DWI-related crimes, and the other half is spent on misdemeanors or felonies.

DWI Offenses

Criminal Offenses

What cities and towns are represented by Doug Murphy Law Firm?

Waller County is a place where Houstonians like to go if they want to escape the city for a day. Fields of lavender make for scenic drives while farms make for fun destinations with rides and other attractions for family and friends. You can also visit a local winery or enjoy the county fair. But beware, driving back to Houston after consuming a few drinks can get you in trouble with the local police in Waller County, and they have a reputation of not being friendly.

First thing to remember if you get into trouble with the law in Waller County: don't speak to the police. You have a right to remain silent and you have a right to an attorney. The police are known to coerce and manipulate persons into speaking, and when the police are successful, they use whatever you say against you -- even when they claim they won't.

Second thing to remember: Doug Murphy is an experienced attorney who will represent you throughout Waller County. He represents all of Waller County, including the following cities:

Finding the Resources You Need if Charged with a Crime in Waller County, TX

Navigating the legal system once you have been charged with a crime, especially if it's your first time, is intimidating for many persons. Below are some resources that can help you through this process. Of course, retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer is always your best resource for successful navigation because missing a hearing or not filing the right motion can be the end of your defense.

Courts of Waller County

Hempstead is the county seat, where all courts are located. If you need to lookup your case or view the court calendar at either of the County Court at Law or District Court, you may do so through Waller County Public Access.

County Court at Law

If you have been charged with a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, then your case will be heard at the County Court at Law.

County Court at Law

400 Sheriff R Glenn Smith Dr.

Hempstead, TX 77445

District Court

If you have been charged with a felony, your case will be heard at the 506th District Court by Judge Albert M. McCraig, Jr. To note, the 506th District Court is shared with Grimes County, and the calendar and scheduling reflects the allocation of days between the two courts. An updated calendar for Waller County is posted at least once at the beginning of the year.

506th District Court

400 Sheriff R Glenn Smith Dr, Hempstead, TX 77445

Adult Probation

If you received probation in lieu of jail or as part of your sentencing, you will be required to travel to Hempstead on a regular basis -- regardless where you live in Waller County -- to visit with your parole officer.

Adult Probation/Community Supervision & Corrections Department
Jo Ann Fishbeck

925 5th Street
Hempstead, Texas 77445

Jails & Prisons in Waller County

There are no prisons or state jails located in Waller County, but there is one county jail, which is administered by the Waller County Sheriff's Office.

Waller County Jail
701 Calvit Street
Hempstead, TX 77445
Map & Directions

The county jail is primarily for holding arrestees and persons convicted of a crime that results in a sentence less than one year. If you are convicted of Class A or B misdemeanor or a felony, chances are you will be sent to a state jail or prison outside of Waller County, which makes it more difficult for your family to come visit you.

Law Enforcement Agencies in Waller County

Law enforcement agents, as they are so-called, do not always enforce the law. In Waller County, they are known to be aggressive with people, to manipulate crime scene, to mishandle evidence, to disregard constitutional rights and criminal procedures, to coerce witnesses, to provide false or misleading testimony at trial, among other unlawful activities. If you have been charged with a crime, you should keep these things in mind when dealing with law enforcement and when determining if or which criminal defense attorney to hire.

In Waller County, if you come into contact with law enforcement agents, they will most likely be from the Sheriff's Office or a local police department. You could also come across the Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Division is you are driving on rural highways.

Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol

The Highway Patrol is a division of the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS officers are responsible for patrolling the highways and overseeing traffic violations or other criminal activity that occurs on these highways. There is no central DPS Highway Patrol office located in Waller County, but DPS officers monitor the highways.

Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office is allotted certain duties, like undertaking criminal investigations, enforcing traffic laws, and operating the jail, including -- and according to its website -- safekeeping of inmates. The latter has been questioned in recent years. You do not want to be convicted and have to spend time in the Waller County Jail.

The Waller County Sheriff's Office has been under national scrutiny like no other county sheriff in Texas. Some have called it the most racist Sheriff's Office -- one police officer even testified to the same in the case of Sandra Bland, a black female who was brutally killed while in police custody and -- worse yet -- the police had no probable cause to detain her in the first place. Others point out that the current Sheriff was fired as the Chief of Police of the Hempstead Police Department for police brutality, among other things. These are just things to keep in mind if you are pulled over or otherwise addressed by a Sheriff Deputy.

Waller County Sheriff Office
Sheriff Glenn Smith

701 Calvit Street
Hempstead, TX 77445

Local Police Departments

There are several local police departments In Waller County. They are responsible for enforcing state and federal statutes and city ordinances within each of their respective jurisdictions.

Brookshire Police Department
Brandal Jackson, Police Chief
5100 US Highway 90 East
Brookshire, Texas 77423
Map & Directions
Hempstead Police Department
David W. Hartley, Police Chief
1015 11th Street
Hempstead, Texas 77445
Map & Directions
Katy Police Department
William Hastings, Police Chief
5456 Franz Road
Katy, Texas 77493
Map & Directions
Prairie View Police Department
Anthony D. Solomon, Police Chief
44500 Business Highway 290
Prairie View, Texas 77446
Map & Directions
Waller Police Department
1219 Farr Street
Waller, Texas 77484
Map & Directions

Contacting an Experienced DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Waller County, TX

A DWI or another crime in Waller County,Texas, can prove to be a daunting experience for anyone. Having the right DWI and criminal defense lawyer on your side can make all the difference. It can help with any anxiety. It can help make sure your case if fought with integrity and passion. It can mean a future free of a criminal record or a future less bleak than the moment it looked upon the officer's reading of your rights.

At Doug Murphy Law Firm, you receive legal guidance and strategic DWI and criminal defense. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm today to discuss your case.

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