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Doug Murphy clearly lives up to the name of being a real “Super Lawyer” inside and out of the Courtroom! One year ago, I went searching the Internet looking for the absolute best lawyer to represent me. I was 25 years old facing my 2nd DWI after blowing the breath test and allegedly having a .185 BAC. I was also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. I was looking for the most experienced and well-versed trial lawyer. From start to finish, Doug treated me as family. I can honestly say I feel he gave me the same defense he would have if I were his own son. I took my case to a jury trial after one year of the no budging on punishment or lowering my charges. At first, I was extremely nervous because I had never been through a jury trial before. Once the trial began and Doug stood up and started speaking with the jury, my nerves went away due to Doug's command and calming presence in the Courtroom. The stress created from my legal situation started lifting from my shoulders almost immediately. The way Doug carries himself and performs in the Courtroom is astonishing. Given I was in such a horrible situation, I was having to hide my grins at some points because of how impressed I was with Doug's performance, his intelligence, and his skillful cross examination that had some juror's heads nodding in agreement. The jury loved him, he was so suave, charismatic, well-prepared and dominated the government throughout the whole trial. Doug Murphy persuaded and convinced the jury to quickly decide on a Not Guilty Verdict in the end. When I heard the verdict, I dropped in tears. Looking at Doug after the win, you could tell this was not just another notch in his belt for him. It was much more than that to him, the sincerity of saving my life was all over his face, Doug truly cares about his clients. You are not just another paycheck for Mr. Murphy, but you are truly getting the best trial lawyer money can buy. Before the verdict was read, I thought to myself, whether I win or lose, I am thankful for Doug's compassionate and incredibly skillful defense, no one could have defended my life better.


  • “I am writing to thank you for your outstanding performance.  It may be easy to sing praises after winning a case, but I don’t think I am being too biased when I say that you and I faced some unexpected hurdles—hurdles that were cleared with your skill and performance.
    When I first walked into …

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