Laredo Woman Arrested for Drinking and Driving and Fleeing

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Laredo woman was taken into custody on November 30 for allegedly drinking and driving and fleeing the scene of an accident she caused. Officers were dispatched to the scene of an accident involving injuries. When officers arrived, they saw a silver Mazda 6 and a Jeep Liberty with heavy front-end damage.

The driver of the Mazda had sustained a facial laceration as a result of the crash, and emergency medical services were dispatched to treat his injuries.

When police interviewed a passenger in the Jeep Liberty, the passenger informed them that the woman had been driving the car when the crash occurred and had fled the scene on foot. Police identified a woman matching the description provided by the passenger getting into a black Chevy pickup near the scene of the accident.

While police were investigating, the Chevy pickup arrived at the scene, and the woman exited the vehicle. She admitted that she was driving the Jeep when the crash occurred and that she had fled the scene of the accident. She also admitted to drinking prior to the accident. Officers reported that she showed signs of intoxication including slurred speech and bloodshot eyes and that she smelled of alcohol.

Police reported that she failed a field sobriety test and that her blood alcohol content (BAC) level was 0.13, which is over the legal limit in Texas.

Police Investigations and DWI Cases

After an accident involving a suspected drunk driver, police look for clues to determine whether the driver was likely impaired. If police had a chance to observe the driver, the police may include driving clues, like swerving, sudden braking, and disobeying traffic signals in their report.

Police will usually interview anyone at the scene after an accident to determine the cause of the crash. In this case, the woman admitted that she had been drinking prior to the accident. If you are questioned by police, it is best to avoid making any incriminating statements and to ask to speak to a lawyer.

Drivers who flee the scene of an accident involving property damage or injuries may face additional charges for fleeing. In cases where an injury or death resulted from a car accident, where drunk driving was a factor, drivers may face additional, separate charges, like intoxication assault or intoxication manslaughter.

Drivers who are suspected of driving while intoxicated are usually asked to perform field sobriety tests at the scene. The standard field sobriety test involves the walk-and-turn test, the one-leg stand test, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Police may also ask drivers to provide a sample of their breath or urine. If police fail to administer these tests properly, an attorney may be able to raise a reasonable doubt about whether or not the driver was intoxicated.

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, contact our office to discuss your case. The prosecution must prove each and every element of the crime charged. If the state fails to prove each and every element, you must be found not guilty. Never agree to plead guilty to a drinking and driving charge without discussing your case with an experienced DWI attorney.

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