A Real "Super Lawyer"

"I Credit you with the Win"

"I am writing to thank you for your outstanding performance.  It may be easy to sing praises after winning a case, but I don't think I am being too biased when I say that you and I faced some unexpected hurdles--hurdles that were cleared with your skill and performance.

When I first walked into your office, I felt I had a very winnable case.  In fact, after hiring your expensive talent, I expected to win.  However, after facing a jury panel comprised of 48% non-drinkers, a jury of six that included four non-drinkers (one of which was a financial contributor to MADD), a states' rights judge, and testimony from the two most-senior officers from the DWI Task Force, I believe my winning case turned into a losing one.  You resuscitated it.

Some of my friends criticized me for the amount of money I paid you, but its value became evident during the trial.  Your performance was excellent.  You had all the facts of my case memorized.  There was no hesitation or stammering while you addressed the jury, and you did not have to refer to any notes when presenting directly to them.  I was impressed with your ability to successfully rephrase questions following objections by the prosecution so as to not dilute your original objective.  During your closing, you clearly and poignantly highlighted all the merits of our case, then ended with an emotional appeal that actually made my eyes well up with tears.

Given the unfortunate composition of our jury, I wouldn't have blamed you if we lost...but I credit you with the win."


– J.H.

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