How a Houston DWI Lawyer Truly Helps

Drivers who face a DWI charge often assume they can do little to change the outcome. The handwriting, they mistakenly think, is already on the wall, as if conviction, jail time, and license suspension is a forgone conclusion. May as well get it over with, while expending the least effort and expense, right?

Any DWI defendant thinking such hopeless and helpless thoughts should change their tune quickly, before it is indeed too late. Like so many challenges in life, one's effort, insight, judgment, and attitude can make a huge difference to a DWI charge's outcome. The outcome of a DWI charge can differ dramatically, depending on the steps you take. And easily the single biggest and best step to take is to retain 2021 Houston DWI Lawyer of the Year Doug Murphy. Anyone charged with a Houston-area DWI, whether you or your loved one, can do no better than to retain Board Certified DWI Specialist Doug Murphy. But what does a premier DWI defense lawyer do to help clients avoid conviction, license suspension, jail time, and other potential impacts of a DWI arrest?

Thinking Smart, Acting Smarter

A primary service that national DWI expert attorney Doug Murphy supplies is to educate and inform his clients in DWI law so that they can make wise decisions that protect their futures. Attorney Murphy has extraordinary DWI knowledge and teaching skills and currently serves as Dean of the National College for DUI Defense. Judges, lawyers, and leaders on DWI law from coast to coast and internationally have invited him to lecture. To mount a successful DWI defense, the defendant needs to anticipate and prepare for what's coming. Attorney Murphy is a master at helping his clients do so. You'll never feel more informed and prepared than when attorney Murphy represents you.

Discovering What's Up

A second and equally significant service that Texas DWI Specialist Doug Murphy supplies his clients is to investigate to discover what really happened leading up to the DWI charge. Prosecutors gather both incriminating and exonerating evidence. A DWI defendant should not be taking any DWI charge at face value, as if supported by irrefutable evidence. For strategic, political, or other reasons, prosecutors may overcharge DWI cases, charge weak DWI cases, or charge DWI despite strong defenses, or mistakenly file DWI charges. Attorney Murphy helps clients discover where they actually stand, calling prosecutorial bluffs and correcting prosecutorial errors.

Relying on a Master's Predictive Power

A third critical service that Board Certified DWI Specialist Doug Murphy supplies his clients is to analyze, evaluate, and reliably predict the course of their DWI defense. Each DWI case is different. Some DWI charges are groundless. Other DWI charges may have substantial factual support but raise strong constitutional or statutory defenses. Other DWI charges may rely on test results, expert testimony, or witness observations that attorney Murphy's skilled cross-examination can likely prove incredible and unreliable, raising reasonable doubt to beat the charge.

A key to a successful outcome is knowing how strong or weak of a hand the DWI defendant has. The way to negotiate or win the best outcome is to reliably predict the possibilities and probabilities. Clients pay their lawyer not simply for knowing the law but for predicting with accuracy how the law will apply to their situation. Attorney Murphy has the vast experience and powerful insights to make his predictions trustworthy and reliable. Lawyers who lack judgment don't reach the profession's pinnacles in the way attorney Murphy has. Indeed, a lawyer without judgment is a lawyer without clients.

It's All About Relationships

Another critical service that nationally acclaimed Houston DWI lawyer Doug Murphy supplies clients charged with a DWI offense is to build the premier professional standing and maintain impeccable professional integrity to establish the strongest professional relationships. Prosecutors, assistant prosecutors, judges, court staff, police officers, detectives, physicians, lab technicians, diversion-program administrators, and other professionals can all have a hand in a DWI defendant's case. You need a lawyer in your corner who has their respect.

Premier lawyers succeed in adversarial and cooperative relationships with these professionals, in preliminary examinations, diversion applications, plea negotiations, motion hearings, pretrial conferences, and trials not just on each case's peculiar facts but also on their recognized mastery and impressive record of results. Heads turn, and silence falls in hushed respect when an outstanding lawyer walks in the conference room or courtroom. Get that lawyer on your side for the best possible outcome.

Aggressively Asserting Legal Rights

Some lawyers may treat DWI defense practice as routine, as if their DWI defendant client's matter merited less aggressive effort and less diligent attention. National College for DUI Defense Specialist Doug Murphy commits his premier DWI defense practice to the opposite proposition: a DWI defendant has the same constitutional rights and substantial interests, and deserves just as aggressive and skillful of a defense, as defendants facing other criminal charges. A DWI charge may warrant any one or all of the following strategic approaches that attorney Murphy commonly applies to win his DWI defense cases:

Trial lawyers having strong skills in asserting these and other rights can and do make a difference for clients facing DWI charges. Asserting these legal rights is not a task suited for the unrepresented defendant. A DWI defendant needs a skilled lawyer to succeed on these defenses. But any one of these defenses may make all the difference to the outcome of charges that you or your loved one faces. A skilled advocate can certainly help in cases implicating these foundational legal rights.

Navigating from Here to There

Another service that Houston DWI defense lawyer Doug Murphy, one of only two Texas lawyers holding both DWI Board Certification and Criminal Law Certification, supplies is to navigate DWI administrative matters masterfully. A DWI defendant can have several ways to beat a Texas DWI charge. Sometimes, beating the charge requires a trial lawyer's aggressive oral advocacy. Other times, though, the surest and best outcome may come through administrative relief, requiring timely and sensitive management of technical administrative procedures. Sometimes, winning is all about navigating correctly from here to there.

Texas Administrative License Revocation procedure for DWI defendants is the first critical example. Officers typically confiscate the DWI defendant's driver's license at arrest. The DWI defendant must then make a timely request in the proper technical form to the correct administrative agency for a license-suspension hearing. Doing so can preserve driving privileges for up to forty days while awaiting hearing. The hearing itself presents the DWI defendant with a significant challenge, but one the defendant can meet with expert counsel. Appeals are also possible from license suspensions.

The attractive opportunity for a DWI case's deferred adjudication is a second example of the value of having 2021 Houston DWI Lawyer of the Year Doug Murphy help you navigate administrative matters skillfully and effectively. Deferred adjudication is attractive, in some instances, for certain DWI defendants. But it also comes with costs and risks. You need a DWI defense lawyer who knows the costs, understands the risks, and can help you make a wise decision. If you decide to pursue deferred adjudication, then you also need a DWI defense lawyer who knows how to make it work for you. That lawyer is Texas DWI Specialist Doug Murphy.

Managing Impacts

Another area where having Houston DWI Specialist Doug Murphy on your side defending a DWI charge involves how you evaluate and manage the charge's collateral impacts. The license suspension and jail time that can come with a DWI conviction are bad enough, but DWI charges and convictions can carry other consequences the DWI defendant would prefer to avoid. Before you accept a plea or diversion, or proceed to trial, you should learn what those collateral consequences might be in your case so that you can decide how best to manage them.

Attorney Murphy ensures that clients have his best advice about those all-important collateral consequences, so that they make the best decisions about how to proceed. He routinely supplies sensitive advice on matters like whether and how to tell an employer of DWI charges. But attorney Murphy does much more than keep clients informed about consequences and how to manage them. He also is ready to apply his premier knowledge and advocacy skills to help DWI defendants defeat charges so that they do not face those collateral consequences. Attorney Murphy also knows how to aggressively and effectively defend professional athletes, public officials, public figures, college students, and others having special interests to protect.

An Expert Representative Can Help

These are just a few of the ways in which Board Certified DWI Specialist Doug Murphy helps Houston-area clients successfully defend and defeat DWI charges. Hiring just any lawyer isn't the sure way to beat DWI charges. Lawyers have differences in their experience and skill, just as do doctors, nurses, accountants, and teachers. Attorney Murphy possesses the premier skills and standing to make a difference in the outcome of your DWI case or a DWI case that your loved one faces. To beat a Texas DWI charge, trust 2021 Houston DWI Lawyer of the Year Doug Murphy with your defense. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm online or at (713) 229-8333 to discuss your case today.

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