First-Responder Injury or Property Damage During a DWI Arrest

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Police, firefighters, and emergency-medical technicians regularly respond to DWI motor-vehicle accidents, often bringing with them a fleet of emergency vehicles. Those first responders can occasionally suffer injury at the scene, and their vehicles may incur collision damage. The injury and damage may be from a careless passing motorist. In some instances, though, the injury and damage is from the suspected intoxicated driver and not just careless, but rather intentional.

First-Responder Risks

One recent Harris County incident shows how the fear of a DWI stop and arrest may trigger aberrant behavior creating serious first-responder risks. A media report reflects that a Harris County sheriff's deputy was directing traffic around a major crash when he tried to stop a passing vehicle. Authorities allege that rather than stop, the suspect attempted to strike the deputy with the suspect's vehicle, crashing instead into a fire truck at the scene.

The report indicates that things then only got worse. The suspect allegedly put his vehicle in reverse, striking the fire truck again, before driving away from the scene. Police chased the vehicle down a dead-end road, where the vehicle crashed and the driver allegedly fled on foot. Pursuing officers quickly caught and arrested the allegedly intoxicated driver, whom authorities indicate faces charges of assault on a peace officer, evading arrest, and DWI.

Avoiding Bizarre Behavior

Fear of a DWI arrest and what might follow can certainly unnerve a motor-vehicle driver like the suspect in the above story. We've all experienced the temptation to briefly cast aside our sense and good reason because of emotional circumstances. Yet, a potential DWI arrest is certainly not the time to do so. Clear thinking is the rule of the moment for a DWI arrest.

A clear and calm mind is especially important around DWI vehicle accidents because of the presence of first responders and their vehicles and equipment. Highway accident scenes can be chaotic, not just because of the accident vehicles and first responders but also because of passing motorists who, in their driving mode, may not be so sympathetic to slowing and stopping while the accident clears.

Intentionally or recklessly injuring a first responder at an accident scene, or intentionally damaging first-responder vehicles, can lead to criminal charges and civil liability, not to mention a DWI charge if the driver is also intoxicated. Yet, the charges and liability are a secondary concern to the lives, safety, and health of those first responders. Accident scenes and DWI arrests present risks not just to the vehicle drivers but also to first responders who come to the scene for their safety. The lesson again? Don't panic over a potential DWI arrest.

Better Fight than Flight

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