Information You Should Have if Arrested in Brazoria County TX

Brazoria County Courthouse

Being charged with a DWI or criminal offense in Brazoria County, Texas, means possible jail time, steep fines, among other penalties. The only way to avoid a sentence is to fight the charge(s). Doug Murphy Law Firm provides aggressive legal defense for DWI cases specifically and strategic legal defense for other criminal charges. Contact Brazoria County criminal defense attorney and Brazoria County DWI Attorney Doug Murphy to discuss your case. In the meantime, read below to find resources you may need if you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a crime in Brazoria County.  Doug has extensive experience fight DWI and criminal charges in Brazoria County for more than 25 years.

Two Important Reasons Why You Want Legal Representation

If you have been convicted of a crime in Brazoria County, you want legal representation. There are two main reasons you should consider with regard to retaining an attorney or doing it alone:

  1. An attorney has access to information you many not.
  2. A conviction can result in more than a sentence of fines and jail time; there are a number of collateral consequences associated with many misdemeanor and felony crimes that directly impact your quality of life.

Attorney Access to Information

There is some information that state prosecutors must tell defense attorneys but do not necessarily have to disclose to a person who is representing himself. There is other information, too, that an experienced defense lawyer knows how to obtain that you may not know if you represent yourself.

Things a state prosecutor may tell your defense attorney but not you include:

  • The prosecutor can divulge to the defense attorney that it does not have a strong case and prefers not to set the case for trial.
  • The prosecutor may share exculpatory evidence with the defense attorney that could prove your innocence.
  • The prosecutor must inform the defense attorney if he cannot produce all the witnesses that can help determine your guilt.
  • The prosecutor must advise the defense lawyer of any problems with evidence, e.g., video is damages or blood sample in a DWI case is contaminated.

These are just some examples of what a state prosecutor must or may share with the defense attorney but not with you if you are representing yourself. Thus, it is important to retain counsel. Most of you will not qualify for a public defender, so you must search for a qualified attorney yourself.

Collateral Consequences

When you are convicted of a crime in Brazoria County, Texas, a sentence consisting of a fine and jail time is not always the worst of your worries. There are dire collateral consequences that could impact your quality of life for the rest of your life. A conviction results in a criminal record, and most convictions cannot be expunged.

A criminal record carries with it consequences such as the following:

  • When you apply for a job, your criminal background is usually checked. When a criminal record materializes, the potential employer can deem you a liability and move to the next applicant. In some cases, certain crimes can prevent you legally from working in certain industries. For example, a conviction of fraud or fraud-related crimes prevents you from lawfully working in the financial industry.
  • If you are currently enrolled in higher education or intend to apply to an academic institution, your criminal record could affect you in multiple ways: from housing to financial aid to scholarship to enrollment.
  • If your career requires a professional license, like a pilot's licensemedical licensenursing license, or commercial driving license, your conviction -- depending on the crime or pattern of crimes -- can result in restrictions, suspension, or revocation of your professional license. Likewise, if your job requires security clearance at any level, that clearance may not be renewed if you are convicted of a crime. If applying for security clearance, it may not be granted if a criminal record exists. Of course, this all depends on the type and severity of the crime and your criminal history.
  • If you have custody of your children or are in the process of negotiating custody issues, a criminal conviction can impact those negotiations to your detriment. Any conviction of a violent crime can mean denial of custody. Conviction of a DWI, especially if your child was in the vehicle at the time, can limit your custody rights, too. Other criminal activity can also have an impact depending on the crime and its potential influence on the child.
  • If you value your constitutional rights, you should know some of them can be stripped from you if you are a convicted felon. Your right to vote for your elected officials who have a direct say on laws and regulations that affect your life will be taken away, and reinstatement of the same after you serve your sentence is very difficult. Your right to own and use a firearm is also taken away from you, and according to federal law cannot be reinstated, though in Texas, there is some leeway.

These and other potential collateral consequences have a direct impact on your life. That is why you must consider these things closely when determining how to plea, if you should retain counsel, and at what price are you willing to pay for the best legal defense.

The Foundations of a Good Defense

A good defense should be one that is approached from various angles and is developed through insight, experience, and strategy. A good defense will include two initial conditions:

  1. A thorough review of police reports and videos as well as other investigative research and analysis.
  2. A determination to prepare for trial with the intended goal for dismissal or acquittal of all charges.

A thorough investigation can lead to different but important factors in your case. This information can be used during negotiations with the prosecutor, for pre-trial motions (e.g. motions to suppress evidence or quash the indictment) or at trial to impeach officer testimony as well as other expert and layperson testimony presented by the State.

You should remember: though the prosecutor may think you are guilty, the State must still convince a jury of your peers that you are guilty. That's not as simple as you may think. Just because the officer says something doesn't make it so. Just because there is a piece of evidence doesn't mean it links you to the crime. The prosecution must prove all elements of the charge, and if it can't, then the jury can't convict you.

Take a DWI case. If the traffic stop was unconstitutional, then an experienced defense lawyer will identify it and use it to suppress evidence flowing from that illegal traffic stop. Without that evidence, the prosecution may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. Case dismissed.

The Foundations of a Good DWI or Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are certain qualifications an attorney must have in order to represent his or her clients thoroughly and effectively. Some of the best and worst attorneys, however, graduate from the same school. So, how do you identify a criminal defense lawyer who can help you achieve the best outcome for your case so you know your money spent was well worth it? There are a number of things to look for when you search for a criminal defense lawyer.

  1. Does he or she have any specializations that indicate the depth and degree of experience and knowledge?
  2. Does he or she have a record of going to trial and winning cases as opposed to settling most cases with a plea bargain?
  3. Does he or she have client testimonials you can read that confirm the extent of legal capabilities.
  4. Has he or she been recognized by the legal community for exceptional work?

The more an attorney demonstrates these qualifications the more likely he or she has the capabilities to best help you get your life back in order.

Doug Murphy is Board-Certified in Criminal Defense by the Texas Board of Legal Specializations. Doug Murphy is also Board-Certified in DWI Defense by the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), which is the only DUI / DWI defense certifying body accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Doug Murphy can provide you with case results from recent cases where he either had charges dismissed before trial or the defendant acquitted at trial. Client testimonials also confirm how well Doug Murphy defended them and what that means to them personally. Furthermore, Doug Murphy has a number of accolades that recognize his commitment, legal skills, and knowledge of DWI and criminal law. In fact, his defense lawyering is well known, and he is often invited to speak at seminars to teach other criminal defense attorneys how best to represent their clients, too.

Criminal Offenses Represented by Doug Murphy

DWI Offenses

Criminal Offenses

The Courts in Brazoria County TX

The court system is part of what makes navigating the criminal system so daunting. The City of Angleton is the county seat of Brazoria County. All courts are located in Angleton. If you need to inquire about you case, you can look it up via the Court Records Inquiry. The County Courts at Law handle misdemeanor (Class A and B) cases while the District Courts handles felony cases.

County Courts at Law

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, Class A or B, your case will end in one of the Brazoria County Courts at Law. The Texas Constitution limits each county to a single county court, but the Legislature created three additional county courts at law in Brazoria County due to its population. Each county court at law sets its own calendar and docket; all county courts are located at:

Brazoria County Courthouse

111 East Locust Street
Angleton, TX 77515



County Court at Law #1

Judge Courtney T. Gilbert

County Court at Law #2

Judge Thomas Pfeiffer

County Court at Law #3

Judge Jeremy E. Warren

County Court at Law #4

Judge Lori Rickert

District Courts

There are six District Courts in Brazoria County, and some also have jurisdiction in Matagorda County; all hear felony criminal cases. All District Courts are located at:

Denise Damian, Court Administrator

111 East Locust, Room 309
Angleton, Texas 77515
979 864-1263
281 756-1263

Court Judge
23rd District Court Judge Ben Hardin
149th District Court Judge Jessica Puncher
239th District Court Judge Greg Hill
300th District Court Judge Chad Dewayne Bradshaw
412th District Court Judge Justin R. Gilbert

461st District CourtJudge Patrick Blank, Jr.

S.T.E.P. Court

The Success Through Education and Participation (STEP) Drug Court and the Recommit to Recovery programs are presided over by Judge Patrick Sebesta of the 239th District Court. These programs have the intention on-paper to provide an alternative to persons who abuse chemical substances or have a drug or alcohol addition.

The STEP Court is not for everyone. In fact, on the outset it may sound beneficial, but the programs are very invasive and intensive. There is little room for error before you find yourself behind bar -- and for some, that time behind bars may be longer than what may have materialized if the person fought the charges at trial.

The Jail System in Brazoria County TX

Brazoria County is home to several correctional facilities in addition to the county jail. If you want to look someone up in a Brazoria County jail, you can do so via the website of the government agency responsible for managing the respective systems.

If you want to find someone held in the Brazoria County Jail, you can use the Jail Records Inquiry. If you want to locate someone in a state prison, state jail, or private correctional facility, use the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website.

County Jails

Brazoria County Jail

3602 County Road 45
Angleton, TX 77515


Clemens Prison
11034 Highway 36
Brazoria, TX 77422
(979) 798-2188
Maps & Directions
Ramsey Prison
1100 FM 655
Rosharon, TX 77583
(281) 595-3491
Map & Directions
Scott Prison
6999 Retrieve
Angleton, TX 77515
(979) 849-9306
Maps & Directions
Stringfellow Prison
1200 FM 655
Rosharon, TX 77583
(281) 595-3413
Maps & Directions
Terrell Prison
1300 FM 655
Rosharon, TX 77583
(281) 595-3481
Maps & Directions

The Law Enforcement Agencies in Brazoria County TX

There are a number of law enforcement agents you could come into contact with in Brazoria County, Texas. In the event you are pulled over or otherwise confronted by a peace officer, remember that you have a constitutional right to remain silent and to have an attorney.

Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol

Highway Patrol

501 South Velasco Street
Angleton, Texas 77515

Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Charles S. Wagner

3602 County Rd 45
Angleton, TX 77515
(979) 849-2441

Marshal's Office

Village of Jones Creek Marshal's Office

7207 Stephen F. Austin
Jones Creek, Texas 77541

Police Department

Alvin Police Department
216 West Sealy
Alvin, Texas 77511
Map & Directions
Angleton Police Department
104 Cannan Dr.
Angleton, Texas 77515
Map & Directions
Brazoria Police Department
201 Main Street
Brazoria, Texas 77422
Map & Directions
Brookside Village Police Department
6243 Brookside Road
Brookside Village, Texas 77581
Map & Directions
Clute Police Department
104 East Main Street
Clute, Texas 77531
Map & Directions
Freeport Police Department
200 West 2nd Street
Freeport, Texas 77541
Map & Directions
Holiday Lakes Police Department
195 N Texas Avenue
Holiday Lakes , Texas 77515
Map & Directions
Iowa Colony Police Department
12003 County Road 65
Rosharon, Texas 77583
Map & Directions
Lake Jackson Police Department
5 Oak Drive
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566
Map & Directions
Liverpool Police Department
8901 County Road 171
Liverpool, Texas 77577-0068
Map & Directions
Manvel Police Department
6615 North Masters
Manvel, Texas 77578
Map & Directions
Pearland Police Department
2555 Cullen Parkway
Pearland, Texas 77581
Map & Directions
Richwood Police Department
1800 North Brazosport Boulevard
Richwood, Texas 77531
Map & Directions
Surfside Beach Police Department
1304 Monument Drive
Surfside Beach, Texas 77541
Map & Directions
West Columbia Police Department
310 East Clay
West Columbia, Texas 77486
Map & Directions


Cities & Towns in Brazoria County Represented by Doug Murphy

According to recent census data, Brazoria County has a population of nearly 350,000 people, making it the 15th most populated county in Texas. The median household income is well above the the State's and the nation's median at $71,251. It's poverty rate is well below the State's and the nation's at 10.5 percent. The county overall offers great economic opportunities for its residents and lots more of entertainment for both its residents and visitors, including scenic drives, amusement parks, museums, restaurants, breweries and wineries.

Sometimes, however, a resident or visitor drinks a bit too much beer or makes a poor judgment call and is arrested for it. If you need representation in Brazoria County, Doug Murphy represents persons in Brazoria County, including the following cities, towns, and villages:

Board-Certified DWI Defense & Board-Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brazoria County, Texas

If you have been charged with a DWI or another crime in Brazoria County and want to fight it because you care about your future, retain a DWI and criminal defense attorney committed to the same. Doug Murphy has the insight and skills developed from extensive experience and personal motivation. At Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C., you can expect commitment and the best result according to the facts and circumstances of your case. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm today.

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