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UT Volleyball Standout Gets Her Day in Texas Court

 Posted on September 09, 2018 in Uncategorized

Micaya White, a standout on the University of Texas Volleyball team, will finally get her day in court to dispute driving while intoxicated charges stemming from a 2017 arrest. The trial is scheduled to begin on January 14 of next year.

White, the 2018 Big 12 Preseason Player of the Year, was arrested on the evening of March 18, 2017, on suspicion of DWI. According to the police report, White was pulled over by law enforcement for following another vehicle too closely and driving without headlights. The arrest affidavit reflects that White admitted to drinking to shots of vodka. The report also states she failed a field sobriety test. White was charged with DWI, released on bail, and ultimately pleaded not guilty to the charge.

What to Expect During a DWI Trial

No two Houston DWI trials are ever exactly the same, but they all follow the same general format. Both your defense attorney and the prosecutor will have a chance to present their arguments to a jury of your peers. A judge will hear the case and resolve any disputes over legal issues that might come up.

While some DWI defense attorneys are content to negotiate plea deals in every case, hiring an attorney that is prepared to argue your case in front of the jury. A jury trial is where your attorney can challenge the results of blood or breath tests used against you. It is also where your attorney can explain the problems with Drug Recognition Experts as well as field sobriety tests. Preparing your case for jury trial puts you in a position to win your DWI case.

This is what you can expect during your jury trial.

Jury Selection

The jury that decides your case is not simply assigned to you. Both your attorney and the prosecutor get the chance to select jurors from a large pool. There are 6 jurors for misdemeanors cases and 12 jurors in felony cases. Questioning jurors during a process called voir dire and eliminating jurors that may be prejudiced against you or towards law enforcement is one of a DWI defense attorney's most important jobs.

Opening Statements

Both sides are allowed to give a preview of the evidence they will introduce and the arguments they will make.

The Prosecutor's Case

The State of Texas will go first, putting on witnesses to testify against. Your attorney will have a chance to cross-examine those witnesses.

The Defendant's Case

Your attorney will get a chance to call witnesses to testify on your behalf. The State will be allowed to cross-examine them.

Closing Arguments

Both sides will be given a chance to summarize their case and persuade the jury. Unlike with opening arguments, your attorney will go first and the prosecutor will get the last word.

Jury Instructions and Verdict

Finally, the judge will read the jury their instructions and the jury will leave the room to render their verdict.

A DWI Defense Attorney That Will Fight for You

Doug Murphy is a Houston DWI trial attorney through and through. He understands that preparing every case for trial gives his clients the best chance at a positive outcome. The Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. has won acquittals at trial for many of their clients. His success is due in part to his expertise; Doug Murphy is one of only two board-certified experts in both criminal defense law and DWI defense law in the State of Texas. Contact the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today for a free consultation.

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