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Outside Influences on Drinking Decisions

 Posted on February 02, 2022 in Uncategorized

As Americans and Texans, we like to think we make our own choices fiercely and independently. But there's no denying that bars, entertainment venues, sporting events, restaurants, and alcohol industry marketing all affect the way Americans drink. Whether the marketing features Spuds McKenzie having fun on the beach or the majestic Budweiser Clydesdales trotting in before a football game, we associate alcohol with so many major events in our lives.

Moreover, it's not just teens or young people influenced by alcohol and advertising; research shows that all of us are exposed to romantic, fun, and sexy messages about alcohol that permeate how and where we consume alcohol in our daily lives. With this awareness comes the question of how much responsibility alcohol producers, retailers, and sellers should take to ensure that Americans consume alcohol responsibly? One well-known alcohol manufacturer is stepping up to make alcohol consumption safer for everyone with a new "Safe Night" program launching in Dallas.

New Safe Night Program

Pernod Ricard, a French company, best known for its sale of wine and spirits, recently announced Safe Night. The Safe Night program aims to reduce binge drinking and drunk driving and make nightlife safer for women. The Dallas pilot program has Pernod teaming up with, 24HourDallas, and Safe Night, LLC. In the company's announcement, Ann Murkherjee, chairman and CEO of Pernod, stated, "Americans rightly believe that the spirits industry must lead the way in promoting responsible drinking and fighting binge drinking and impaired driving."

Safe Night has four major elements:

  • Safe Night Out: Safe Night Out will bring businesses together with local law government to keep people safe.
  • Every Voice: Every Voice will root out discrimination in hiring and service.
  • Sidewalk Ambassadors: Sidewalk Ambassadors will focus on empowering community leaders to disrupt and decrease conflict.
  • Copper Star Certification: The Copper Star Certification will highlight businesses that take steps to make their patrons safer.

Pernod based the Safe Night initiative on a similar program created by Safe Night, LLC and in Arlington, Virginia. In just a few years, the Virginia program decreased crime in Arlington, brought the business community together, and kept guests safer. Pernod hopes to bring this Safe Night model to Texas and the rest of the country.

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