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DWI With Multiple Child Passengers Part 6

 Posted on May 29, 2024 in Uncategorized

Texas DUI LawyerIf you have been charged with a felony DWI for driving intoxicated with multiple child passengers, the stakes are high. You need an experienced DWI attorney to represent you. Texas law and court rules offer several key protective criminal procedures that enable your DWI defense attorney to raise and advocate these defenses. It is not enough to have a defense. Your defense attorney must be skillful and effective in deploying the defense to your best advantage. Criminal procedures determine how, when, and where your Houston, TX DWI lawyer can raise and argue these defenses to gain dismissal of the felony DWI charge, charge reduction, or another advantage.

Protective Procedures for DWI With Child Passengers Charges 

Premier Texas DWI defense attorney Doug Murphy may be able to invoke one or more of the following criminal procedures for your effective defense of felony DWI with child passengers charges:

  • Appearing at your arraignment on the felony DWI charges to enter your “not guilty” plea, help you understand the nature of the charges, learn about the prosecution's case, and respond to the court's inquiries and requirements;

  • Invoking your preliminary examination rights to challenge, test, and evaluate the prosecution's evidence, with the potential for dismissal of unsupported charges;

  • Requesting an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing not only to preserve your driver's license but also to discover, evaluate, and challenge the prosecution's evidence;

  • Requesting discovery of the prosecution's evidence (both incriminating evidence for evaluation and challenge and exonerating evidence to show the error of the charges);

  • Retaining forensic experts and other expert witnesses for review, report, and testimony on matters of special technical and scientific knowledge to challenge the prosecution's evidence;

  • Moving to suppress evidence that the police and prosecution obtained through the violation of your constitutional, statutory, and procedural rights, arguing for dismissal of the charges;

  • Communicating, advocating, and negotiating with the prosecution to voluntarily abandon charges, reduce charges, or otherwise propose acceptable plea bargains;

  • Invoking your jury trial rights and conducting opening statement, cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses, direct examination of your defense witnesses, and closing argument;

  • Evaluating and pursuing your appeal rights to challenge court rulings, orders, and judgments constituting legal errors or other irregularities in the proceedings, like prosecutor, police, witness, or juror misconduct.

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