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DWI Arrest Impacting Your Job

 Posted on July 07, 2021 in Uncategorized

A DWI arrest has its own direct impact. Without an aggressive and effective legal defense, a DWI conviction and fines or imprisonment may follow. But DWI arrests can have several other collateral consequences. A DWI arrest can affect security clearances, firearms licenses, legal residency status, professional licenses, and even child custody. A DWI arrest can also affect one's job. Don't take a DWI arrest lightly. Retain Board Certified DWI Specialist Doug Murphy to aggressively assert your DWI defenses and beat your DWI charge.

A Close Call on DWI Effects on Employment

A recent story of a Wichita County commissioner's DWI charge shows the tough call employers face when employees get arrested on DWI charges. The story alleges that the commissioner appeared drunk when running his vehicle into a post on county premises. The commissioner's rollover accident shortly later led to the commissioner's arrest on DWI charges. The county's drug-and-alcohol-free workplace policy could have affected the commissioner's job. But a local judge ruled that the county policy didn't quite apply to elected county officials. The commissioner appears to have avoided any direct impact on his job.

Jobs that a DWI Charge May Impact

Others facing DWI charges won't get off so easy. Plenty of jobs require a clean or nearly clean record when it comes to drug and alcohol charges. Some employment, like commercial driving, must satisfy government regulations requiring a good driving record. Other employment, like security contracting, may require security clearances earned only with a clean criminal history. Other employment requires a license to carry a firearm. Other employers impose their own policies and rules about DWI convictions. A DWI conviction may disqualify a worker from jobs involving the security or safety of others, a professional license, or close attention to important legal, financial, or fiduciary duties.

To Keep Your Job, Beat the DWI Charge

The best way to minimize the impact of a DWI charge is to beat the charge. Remember that a DWI arrest and charge is not the same as a conviction. A DWI charge may permit or require your employer to take some temporary action, like reassignment to desk duty. Your job's terms may require you to report your DWI arrest to your supervisor. You may have to tell your boss about your DWI. It is best to speak with a board certified DWI defense lawyer before you disclose any arrest to your employer. Beating the DWI charge may be enough to satisfy job requirements and convince your employer not to take any adverse job action.

Retain Expert Help to Beat Your DWI Charge

Don't let the impact of a DWI charge mushroom into your job and career. If you face a DWI charge that threatens your job and career, then retain 2021 Houston DWI Lawyer of the Year, Doug Murphy, to beat the DWI charge. Trust Board Certified DWI Specialist Doug Murphy with your Texas DWI defense. Attorney Murphy is one of only two Texas lawyers holding both DWI Board Certification and Criminal Law Certification. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. online or at 713-229-8333 to discuss your case today.

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