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Complications when More than One Family Member Face DWI Charges

 Posted on September 09, 2020 in Uncategorized

A DWI arrest in Texas, even on a first offense, can have profound ramifications for the family of the person arrested. But what if two or more family members-for example, a husband and wife-face DWI charges simultaneously?

A pair of arrests in Arlington, Texas, recently brought this question to the forefront. As the Dallas Morning News reports, a woman was pulled over at around 2:45 AM on a Thursday in late May for driving with no headlights. After conducting a sobriety test, police arrested her on charges of DWI. About an hour later, the woman's boyfriend, presumably unaware of her arrest, tracked her phone to the police station and told officers he was "looking for his girlfriend." Police suspected that he, too, was intoxicated, and since he had driven to the station, they arrested him for DWI, as well.

A More Complicated Situation

When more than one adult in a household with responsibilities faces DWI arrest or conviction, it can wreak havoc in the home on several levels, especially if there are dependents in the house. For example:

  • Children may be left unattended for an undetermined length of time due to the arrest. One parent being detained can raise concerns enough; having two parents go missing can spark fear and panic or cause youngsters to be without proper care until someone can be alerted.
  • Multiple income streams may be jeopardized. A DWI arrest can lead to a suspended license or jail time, which may affect a person's ability to work. If two financial providers in the household are convicted of DWI, it can potentially cut off all the income for the family.
  • Children may wind up in protective custody. If both primary caregivers in a family face jail time due to DWI, the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) may get involved, especially if no extended family members are capable of stepping in to provide care. Children may wind up in foster care as a result.

As you can see, a family's situation can become much more precarious when two people face DWI charges than if just one faces them. A family can potentially be fragmented or put at risk-even if the arrests come from simple mistakes or misunderstandings. It's imperative in such situations to hire an experienced DWI defense attorney, especially one who is Board Certified, to help the family address the complications and investigate possible solutions to prevent jail time at worst, and possibly have charges dismissed where applicable.

Dealing with Tough DWI Cases

As a Board Certified DWI defense specialist attorney, Doug Murphy has over 21 years of experience dealing with complicated DWI cases. To improve your chances of a positive outcome for your DWI charges, contact our office today for a free evaluation.

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