Atlanta Police Officer Held to Account in Shooting

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What began as a night of merrymaking for a young father of four turned into a deadly altercation that led to his death near a Wendy's drive-thru.

On June 12th, CCT camera footage shows police officer Garret Rolfe shooting Rayshard Brooks 3 times as he tries to flee arrest. Mr. Brooks did not pass a field sobriety test and admitted to having a drink while celebrating his daughter's birthday.

The footage shows Mr. Brooks cooperating with the officers for at least 40 minutes before the incident. During handcuffing, Mr. Brooks tries to run away after taking a taser away from the officers.

Officer Devin Brosnan stands on Mr. Brook's shoulder after the shooting and allegedly kicks him while down. For two minutes, neither officer attempts to give Mr. Brooks medical aid.

Mr. Brooks died from excessive bleeding and internal organ damage during treatment at a local hospital.

He was 27 years old.

Unjustifiable Deadly Force

The officers maintain that Rayshard Brooks was using the taser on them while running away. In Texas, assault against a police officer is a serious charge. However, there needs to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the assault took place.

What happened with Mr. Brooks should not lead to anyone's death, especially if the officers had other options. In a statement by their attorney, the Brooks family believes that the use of unjustifiable force during this incident is akin to murder.

Deadly force takes people away from their families and loved ones. For grieving families, it is a double-blow when they know that there were other ways to handle the situation. A thorough investigation by a skilled DWI attorney is crucial after such incidents, ensuring that all details come to light before the jury in court.

DWI Stops in Texas

There is a process that law enforcement must follow when making a DWI arrest in Texas. Even if a person is guilty and fails a sobriety test, they still deserve legal representation by an attorney. Deviation from that process can change the outcome of a case and its charge, so every detail counts.

Mr. Brooks was under no obligation to speak to the police. His confession may have been a catalyst in the events leading to his death. When officers stop a person if they suspect intoxication, they are already making judgments about them before they speak. How they handle that judgment makes all the difference in a case.

If you are facing a comparable scenario, the best action to take is to maintain silence. You have the right to request a lawyer and make no other declaration during your arrest. Remember that any statement, even an innocuous one, can be grounds for charges.

Aggressive Defense by a Board Certified Attorney

At Doug Murphy Law Firm, you'll receive the counsel of a Board Certified criminal and DWI defense attorney that aggressively represents you in court.

What happened to Rayshard Brooks is just one of many ways a routine DWI stop can go wrong. Use our online contact form or call 713-229-8333 for a consultation regarding your case today.

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