Case Results

Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer - Dismissed

Client is a 27 year veteran pilot with a major airline.  Client was at a club with his wife and friends watching a friend perform.  After a scuffle ensued, a Harris County Deputy grabbed our client from behind.  Our client threw the Harris County Sheriff's Department Deputy to the ground not knowing he was a police officer until he landed on top of him.  Deputies greatly exaggerated the facts of the case in their offense reports that did not resemble the truth.  Our investigator discovered there were 32 surveillance videos inside and outside the club that could have verified our version of the events.  We issued a subpoena duces cecum to obtain these videos to demonstrate the truth.  The deputies referred to these videos in their offense report yet they specifically refused to request them after viewing the videos.  After receiving 5 different stories as to why the videos were never produced or preserved, we were ultimately able to demonstrate no assault on a peace officer occurred.  Case dismissed, and airline pilot's career was saved.

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