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Doug Murphy and his team practice all over Texas.  DWIs and other criminal offenses are not prosecuted completely the same in every jurisdiction, particularly the greater Houston metropolitan area. The consequences of your arrest and the outcome of your case depends on which jurisdiction you were arrested and by which law enforcement agency arrested you.

You should hire a Board Certified DWI Defense Attorney and Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney who is known for defending case all over the State of Texas. Not only will an experienced criminal defense lawyer help your case, but an experienced and reputable criminal defense attorney who knows the court system, the prosecution, and the police in your area will benefit your case even more. It's the insight of how these different locations operate that can aid in providing the framework of your defense.

Doug Murphy, a veteran trial attorney, is Board Certified in DWI Defense and Board Certified in Criminal defense. Because of his state wide reputation and proven experience, Doug is routinely recruited to travel throughout Texas to help clients and assist other lawyers in complicated intoxication and criminal cases.  Doug Murphy and his team routinely represent DWI and criminal cases in all Texas counties, and the list below is a small representation of just a few of the routine counties where Doug Murphy handles cases.  Click on the respective links to find resources and information applicable to each county's court system, law enforcement agencies, jail and prison system, among other relevant information.

If you have been arrested in Texas, or any one of these counties, contact Doug Murphy and his team today either online or at 713-229-8333.

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